Male Model Crush of the Mo: JACOB COUPE


…the name just gives me shivers.

Don’t know much about him, but he sure looks pretty. No, not pretty, but very masculine with a touch of boyish cuteness, and not to forget the fierce pout. Attitude and personality coming out of every pore. And may I add, he even has personal style (see: street-shot with the interesting wide collar-sweater).

BTW, the following first photo is the only time I’ve ever seen him sport even a hint of a smile.

“Its all in the eyes!” LOL!

Do i see a hint of a smile?OMG!

Now, do you see why I’ve taken time out of my precious life to post about this guy?

I have this little fantasy that I go to the UK (I think he’s based there). Walk the streets of London . While walking along the Thames, I see him smoking a fag (that’s what they call ciggys on that side of the pond). I bum a smoke (despite me not being a smoker) and he lights it for me. We get to talking….

And that’s it! There’s more but let’s stop here for the sake of propriety. LOL.

Photo credit: Fashion Rambler blog, MM OBSESSION blog, The Fashionisto, Men Models Talk blog,,


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