How Milla Got Her Groove Back


I’ve loved Milla for a long time, The Fifth Element is my all time fave movie after all. She’s an amazing actress and this shoot (shot by Simon Upton) just reminded me she’s also a SUPERMODEL.

The clothes, shoes, headpieces, accessories,  styling, makeup, and photography are so in sync with each other. It’s visually stunning. And Milla looks great! (read: She looks enviably thin!)

There’s obviously lots of Burberry, and winged harnesses from Amanda Bayne, author of blog

This spread is in the April 2010 issues of Harper’s Bazaar Singapore and Malaysia. Here are the covers from Singapore and Malaysia, respectively:

There’s this whole debate on both covers, it’s all dumb because readers have to realize that it’s all about sales in the magazine world and being “commercial” sells. At least cover-wise. Think about it. Nevertheless, Milla looks beautiful on both covers. One question: Did they purposely tell her to smile/laugh on both picture takes? Weird.

Can’t wait to see what she turns up in next!

Photo credit: The Fashion Spot


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