HCC Student Designer Fashion Show 2010!

My model Melissa  in my 1920s dress and I

(Yes, my sneakers are Lanvin x Acne Collection)

Friends at school RIESE KOCHI with Angelique in his design.

AMAZING! Watch out for him. I see big things for him.

Kim Kardashian is dat chu?

It was an event. Not bad for a school cafeteria.

My friend from school Carmen with super-tall models. So cute.


His workmanship is impeccable. Watch out for him too!

Carmen was supposed to wear this red mini-dress for the 1920s section that I ruched but it got cut out. That’s why she has heavy make-up on. Would have loved to see her walk! It was a horrible dress anyway.

With artist Remi Mead in CHRISTOPHER CHING’s design.

I look horrible but she looked too cute to not post the picture.

Love the shoulder cage! So avant-garde!

Gotta have some MANCANDY!

Guess which one’s my favorite? It’s soooo obvious. LOL! The one right above, duh.

The ‘fro got me. Who knew?!

The Vans Boat Shoes were a a nice touch. Island Prepster chic!

Menswear all by CURTIS HO.

It’s JAY SARIO from this past season’s Project Runway! L

HI-larious facial expression!

Beautiful dress made out of muslin.

Me with my fashion sketches. I spray-painted that border gold right before I left the house!

Can’t wait to take DRAPING class to learn how to make that black dress. And Tailoring class is a must for the jacket and bolero.

Desserts after the show.

Water sponsored by FIGI.

Apparently, Jay Sario used FIGI waterbottles for one of his designs so they fronted the water for us.

My friends rushed the tray carrying the chocolate covered strawberries!

Group picture with Jay Sario.

(L-R: Ashley, Andy South, Jay Sario, Jill, Marisha, Me)

Thanks Jill for having the cojones to ask him for a picture. And thanks to Jay’s friend/PR person Kelly(?) for making this happen.

Jay and my school buddies.

(L-R: Emilee, Jay, Carmen, Me, Ramie)

Strike a pose!

Me and my best friend. Thank you for supporting me, Ash.

The Fashion Show was great. Very entertaining and much more than I was expecting. Cleaning up wasn’t that great but had to be done. Overall, it was a great night. Can’t wait for my turn as a senior presenting my own line!

Photo credit: All my own….so please credit my blog if you use them elsewhere.


One response to “HCC Student Designer Fashion Show 2010!

  1. Hi! I just stumbled upon this while searching the HCC yearly fashion show. My daughter wants to become a designer so I’m always researching articles for her to read. Anyway, all of you should be very proud of yourself because these outfits are to die for!

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