Shopaholics Anonymous #1

“Hi, I’m Eddie and I’m a shopaholic.”

My habit of shopping til I dropped started in Middle School when my parents started giving me hundred dollar bills as my allowance. I just couldn’t get enough clothes, shoes, flip-flops, bags, etc. I still don’t have enough. I just want more. It’s horrible and I know it. Ha!

Then I discovered my mom’s debit card and I’ve never looked back….

But like my best-friend Ash says, “You only live once.” And I wholeheartedly agree 100%.

It doesn’t mean I can’t be thrifty and find good stuff for “less,” not cheap.

So here are my recent purchases:

1) Urban Outfitters Order

$44. buy here

I love this sweater. It fits perfectly. I can’t wait to wear it.

$19.99. buy here

I bought a henley version of the sweater above but it was tight so I gave it away.

$24. buy here

I love the color of this tee. It’s great because I usually wear black and it’s a good alternative. Switch it up a little.

$14. buy here

I’m thinking of returning this because the cord is so hard to tighten once you have it on. You need help putting this on your wrist.

2) ASOS order

$50, now $26. buy here

I bought this cardigan at full price, they just changed it, like as I’m typing this, to $26. GAHHH! That’s online shopping for you. Love the animal print. It’s a cheaper version of this sweater that I wanted but they didn’t have my size.

$10.11 buy here

This ring is such a good find. It has some heft to it, it doesn’t feel like I only spent 10 bucks.

Out-n-About Shopping:

$20 @ Nordstrom Honolulu

$20 each at some random store


Total: Approx. @ USD $222.00 plus shipping

I bought tons of other stuff but I’m returning them so they don’t count. Haha!

That wasn’t so bad for all that stuff. Now I gotta save for Christmas;)

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