Draping and Tie-dye

If I haven’t posted anything in a few days, it’s most likely because I have school and homework to do. Like this week it was draping a cowl neck and yoke skirt for Draping class, and tie-dyeing a 100% cotton tee for Textile Arts.

So proud of how these turned out…

I got perfect grades for this drape so I was very happy. Putting fabric on the bias so it falls nicely for the cowl is a bitch, fashion students know the deal.

A tie-dye nautical-striped tee, who knew? I’m a genius;) I just thought of doing horizontal stripes right that minute, so it wasn’t a premeditated thought.

The dye washed out when I put the tee in the washer. I didn’t know you had to let it sit in the die for 6-8 hours or overnight, then dip it in vinegar and borax to keep the colors vibrant. And this time I’m not gonna wash it with detergent. I want my navy blue to stay dark. So I’m doing another one.

Wish me luck!




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