Foody #2

I ate out a lot this past week but these two were really good, fulfilling, unhook the button off your jeans-good meals. And both eaten with my besty Ash. She’s like my partner in crime when it comes to really good food. Expect to see her soon on my blog. Good food and company can never go wrong.

1.) Shrimp and Kalbi @ Shrimp & Bbq, Keaaumoku St., Hon., HI

Everything was made fresh, so all the hot foods were hot and the salads were crisp and fresh-tasting. There was even succulent baby shrimp in the fried rice. Only $8.


2.) Korean-style BBQ Chicken & Kalbi @ Chodang Restaurant, Hon., HI

I love this restaurant. The food is so good. But then I haven’t been to a Korean Restaurant I didn’t like. The soon-du-bu or hot and spicy tofu stew (the red soup in the black stone bowl)  is just crazy good. And it comes boiling and sputtering to your table, who can deny a sizzling dish? My friend and I ordered our own each but one can serve 3 people easy. The bbq was just perfectly charred and juicy. The extra little platters with pickled veggies, and veggies soaked in various spices is just an added plus. My friend had meat-jun, or beef or pork flattened and dipped in egg batter. The bill was only $30 in all, pretty reasonable for all that food.

We were full after each meal, on separate days, but we still went shopping:)

Shopping post coming soon…


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