Crooks & Castles

I was so happy that Crooks & Castles made this shoe. Desert boots are definitely in, but I wasn’t sure if I could pull these off until I saw this hybrid. It’s still a boot but also a sneaker. I’m only 22, I can still rock a legit desert boot with a classic sole later on in life, probably from Clarks.

Don’t even get me started on Clarks boots.

I was so on it this morning. I woke up early because I knew it was coming in today. So right when I heard the UPS truck turn into my street, I ran out of my house and was at the gate to accept the package.

Here’s a funny thing when I looked online to see what the Tracking page said about the “LOCATION” of the shipment:

I guess I am said “MAN.” Kinda funny:) No?

So, what did I buy? Click more to find out!



I love everything about these shoes. Even the price, which was marked down from $110 to just $80, at

I first saw these in stores but I didn’t have the cash and they didn’t have my size so I looked online and found these. Move fast guys, these are bound to be sold out quick.

These are the more expensive version:

YSL Desert Boot – Beige

Cost: US$537.20 plus shipping

I definitely scored a good bargain.

And did I mention Crooks & Castles has a similar version. Oh yes they do!

Guess who’s getting these neeeexxxt? Hahaah!

Is it sad that shoes almost fulfill me as much as food? Like, I don’t even feel I have to eat dinner now. I need to lose weight anyway. I didn’t name this blog “FashionFatty” for nothing:)


Photo Credit:,, Google


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