Only Girl In The World

If you’re a big Rihanna fan like I am, then you would’ve known that her new music video for her single, “Only Girl (In The World)” premiered yesterday.

And I finally get her red hair, it totally goes with the whole new softer look she’s putting out. The spiked-out razor bob look is on the outs. Plus she can separate herself from all her copycats:)

Can you spot this bejeweled wrap top from Prada’s Spring 2010 collecton?

Here’s the screen-caps and outfits from the video:


So glad the video makes the song sound that much better, not that the song isn’t already great.

Watch the video here because Word Press can’t upload videos from VEVO:(


They just posted the video on Youtube:)

Photo Credit: Prada via Google images, screen-captures by me




One response to “Only Girl In The World

  1. Funny, I am currently listening to this song for the first time and I happened to find your blog post! I’m not going to lie, I’m not a huge fan of the song itself but I do like her new look! Love the outfits in this video, fun and flirty. I hope this new look sticks around a while.

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