Lace, Studs, and Skulls

School has kept me crazy busy for a good two months but the Fall 2010 semester is finally over!

Yay! It felt like it would never end.

Maybe now I’ll feel like joining in on the Christmas festivities…NOT;P

But here’s what been keeping me busy:

The dresses were for my Draping class. I’m so glad that’s over but now I just wanna get a mannequin and start making new dresses. I think I’m going crazy cuz after all the hard work I had to do, you’d think I’d just wanna rest for a few weeks but I just have all these ideas going round and round in my mind. GAH!

The skull tote was part of a series of screen-printed tees and totes of the skull design. I had to print ten of them and embellish five. That was one of the totes. I can’t show the others because I turned them in for grading. I should be getting them back on Monday.

I think I did good work this semester and I definitely worked hard but I feel like I need to challenge myself more. And I have to start designing for my own line or more like I would be designing if I didn’t have any time constraints and no one to answer to.

More like my sketching final from last semester:

I love how this turned out. I hated it when I finished it last semester but when I looked at it again recently, I was surprised how well it turned out.  I did it over-night, the night before it was due, so maybe that’s why I hated it at first. I was probably sick of the class at the end.

I’m excited for next semester but I’m also scared of the amount of work I know is coming but I just have to remember that I do LOVE this.

And Fashion mags do help remind me that I do:)



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