Cruella Deville Eat Your Heart Out

Fur Fur Fur!!!!

I’m obsessed with fur. And like most of us, I can only dream of ever owning one in real life.

But still, one can dream. And dream, I will!

image from lefashionimage

Electric Blue Striped coat by Zac Posen

images from stopitrightnow


image from

The image above is my favorite of the bunch. The spotted fur in middle is gorg. And the flyaway hair helps make it a spectacular shot.

image from stopitrightnow

The editorial above was in the November 2010 issue of American ELLE, shot beautifully by KT Auleta, and styled by the AMAZING Kate Lanphear.

Fur is such dominating piece of clothing that you wouldn’t wear it out to any such occasion. Or if you had the balls, wear it to the supermarket.

Me, I just  wanna wear it at home, snuggled up in a humongous fur, eatting hot cheetos, while watching reruns of The Real Housewives of Atlanta. And let’s not forget, a huge cup of ice filled with Coca Cola.



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