Get it? Har-de-har.

Specs + Hot guys = Spectacular.

Anyway, I just wanted to do a post about how HOT it is when a cute, emphasis on CUTE, guy wears specs, also known as eyeglasses if you get don’t get my lingo.

This was brought to the front of my consciousness when a friend showed me this photo of my All-Time Crush James Franco…

Google images

Hot, right? I thought so. I totally went into a fit the second I saw it cuz I haven’t seen him that way before. Always hot, never nerdy of all things. I loved it. I mean, a pretty face is a pretty face that’s all. It can only take you so far. Add substance behind that nice exterior and you have a beautiful person. And though I know James was wearing eyeglasses for a role,  it didn”t make it any less hot.

But I gotta admit, I do love a man wearing  eyeglasses.

Here are a few more examples:

Luv Joseph Gordon-Levitt!

Cruel Intentions is in my top-5 fave movies of all time btw.

Did you get chills like I did?

I might make this a regular thing if I find more photos of 4-eyed cuties;D




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