This is my first Christmas with this blog and I’m amazed that I’ve kept it up for this long. You see, I get tired of things easily and I have no patience but I’m happy that I did make time for this blog. Maybe one day I can look back at this one day and remember this time of my life. Who knows? I might still be writing this blog 5 years from now. Only time will tell.

I didn’t make a Xmas Wish List this year. Not that I didn’t want to, it’s just I figured I pretty much wanted the same things as the rest of the year. Things like more shoes, clothes, expensive watches, jewelry, etc. Deep down, all I think I wanted was to have that Christmas feeling again. You know how you wake up some morning in December and look around and see that it’s most definitely Christmas. And it doesn’t have to be Christmas day that you have that revelation, it can even be right after Thanksgiving.

Anyway, I’ve lost that feeling the past few years. It could’ve been my parent’s marriage falling apart, estrangement from some of my family members due to said break-up, turning 20 (not being a TEEN anymore), I don’t know. Maybe it could have been a number of things.

I got that “Christmas feeling” back this year. Maybe I have Hope in my life again. I’m just happy I can appreciate  Santa Claus, gingerbread cookies, candy canes, and those Xmas songs again. I’m not cursing anyone anymore for being less miserable than I am.

I spent Christmas Eve with my family, eating good food, and just having fun. I definitely recommend playing games like guess the word on my forehead, sounds-like games, just games in general to make family time more bearable;) And of course, giving and receiving gifts is always a plus but never a must.

I can’t stress enough how important it is to spend quality time with family and/or friends, people you care about, during Christmas. And if you don’t, then just be happy you’re alive and healthy. Enough of my musings. Take care, readers.

Happy Holidays!


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