Kush by Marc Jacobs

photo from SMOKE & MIRRORS

Lol. I’m kidding! Kinda looks legit don’t it?

Can you imagine the New York State Supreme Court making weed legal and designers selling highly sought-after kush in their flagship stores. HILARIOUS! My F-ed up mind can think up wonders, i tell ya.

Anyways, (btw I’m aware I use “anyways” A LOT as a change of subject starter) I’ve been feeling pretty positive and chipper (kinda think I know what that means) lately and I thought the photo above is GENIUS. To each his own! I still can’t believe California didn’t let the bill to make weed legal pass (I’m aware its old news). The state that epitomizes free love and daisies, at least that’s what I think.

Being a gay man, I think it’s important to not judge anything or anyone too harshly unless I had all the facts and could use my own morals and understanding of the situation to make a final conclusion. I think as a society people tend to make quick judgements of our surroundings without clarity of thought or empathy. For example, the girl with the not-of-the-moment clothes, you can say unfashionable clothes, and fucked up hair you see on the bus stop and you deem not worthy to talk to could just be going through a rough patch. Horrible example, I know. I don’t want anyone to judge me because of my outer appearance either.  And there’s always someone who has an opinion, who also feels the need to voice said opinion loudly or stage-whispered to the person with them. I’ve been guilty of it, but, I may say in my defense, only when provoked. Like if some sheisty bitch thought she was “THE SHIT” and eyed me out, I would itemize her horrible outfit (obnoxious bitches usually have no style) and tell her what’s the bizness. Ghetto-style, of course. My interpretation of a mad-black-woman usually bursts out of my mouth at those opportune moments. Usually I’ve a very gracious and nice person, but catch me at a bad time and I’m a tiger, hear me ROAR! lol:)

Back to the subject, which is ‘keeping an open mind’ btw, people need to open themselves up to new things and change because that’s how we grow as people. Not being stuck in the past, or stuck in past modes of being as some people from your High School and mine may be guilty of, and moving forward but also being mindful of past lessons in life. Like listening to a music artist’s song, an artist that you thought you didn’t like because of instantly-made assumptions you had of them.

For me, that was Nicki Minaj. I first thought who’s this bitch in the hot video of Trey Songz like she’s a wrapper who matters. I had no reason to not like her other than stealing shine in music videos from the featured artist. And acting majorly cocky. I hate cockiness, unless you soften it with genuine charm and humility.

Fast forward months later, I see her on Youtube being interviewed by George Lopez on TV for the first time and I see a nice, quirky girl with a wicked sense of style and self. Most people don’t know who they really are in the face of scrutiny. I thought she was amazing just by her interview. Then I saw her perform the song “Moment 4 Life” and she hit gold for me. The song was unexpectedly mellow and catchy, not like her features on other artists’ records. This video of her made me think twice of my assumptions about her and made me want to know more. And I don’t even like Rap music all that much, and that’s saying a lot.

See it here:

So keeping and open-mind and moving forward is a very good way to go about life or you might miss on some VERY good things if you don’t. Very 2011 of me.

Btw, Nicki Minaj’s “Girls Fall Like Dominoes” is a must for anyone’s iPod or iPhone.

Hope you like the song!

‘Til next time:)



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