Yeah, I just made that word up.

Furnatic \fur-na-tic\ n, adj:  someone who is crazy about the fur of various animals.

I used to think fur was tacky due to numerous accounts of seeing it worn the wrong way and the many badly designed fur that’s out there. Tacky fur manufacturers, you know who you are! I mean, some animal had to die to produce the fur. How cruel is it to be reincarnated as some gruesomely-dyed mink fur coat worn by a random New Jersey housewife. The horror!

I love animals so my love of fur is just irrational. I  can’t even handle seeing deer hunting photos where the hunter is holding up the bull antlers like it’s something to be proud of  to kill such a beautiful animal. Bambi, anyone? Hello.

That’s why I love faux fur, only when it’s impeccably made.  It’s the perfect antidote to the animal cruelty that’s on a massive scale in China. Youtube “Peta” and you’ll find various videos on the subject. Though I hate  seeing some rough interpretation of fox fur, and I do mean FOX as in a red fox not faux, which I see a lot of nowadays. Then that’s just a waste of material. Why waste time and effort on something ugly. Luckily, there are now some retailers that are doing very stylish faux fur. Love Rachel Zoe!

But there is nothing like the real thing:)

Here’s Sheila Marquez for Harper’s Bazaar Spain January 2011 issue:

photo from DESIGN scene

photos from le FASHION

Shot by Nico

I highly doubt any of the furs featured are faux.

Never heard of Sheila Marquez before but she’s gorg. The styling was perfect. And the photos are beautiful. I love this editorial, the styling and photo treatment reminds of French VOGUE. I wonder who the stylist was:)



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