The New Queen of French Vogue


Emmanuelle Alt

photo from Courtesy Photo via WWD

If you don’t know who she is, then you will soon see her as the new Editor-in-Chief of French Vogue. She’s taking over the position after the adored Carine Roitfeld announced her resignation on December 17, 2010. There’s been no definite reason given why Carine is leaving her famous post other than saying she’s more of a “freelancer” and would like to be one again after 10 years at the publication. Oddly enough Carine and Emmanuelle started working at French Vogue at the same time.

photo from Google images

And  have been working together to make French Vogue one of the leading and groundbreaking Fashion mags in the world. Who can forget this cover of Andre J and Caroline Murphy?

photo from Google images

Luckily, Alt is also loved by Fashion fanatics all over the world and is famous for her rock-n-roll chic style. She is set to officially take over the position on February 1, 2011. I’m so excited to see how things will change once Carine leaves. Maybe things won’t be that different but like in the article from NY Mag of Carine’s leaving poignantly said, “God, we will miss her.”

And damn if it isn’t true…I mean just look at all that chicness in such a tiny woman.

photo from

She is just pure Fashion.

But like Fashion is ever changing and moving forward…

All hail the new queen, I say:)

To read more on the subject go here and here.


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