Fast-Forward #1

So it’s not easy keeping a blog updated constantly, and I can give you a million reasons why I’ve been away, but I’m sure the random people (YES, YOU!) out there that view this blog could care less. Luckily, that hasn’t stopped anyone from visiting my humble blog.

I will desist from calling it a “FASHION BLOG,” because 1) how tired is that, 2) my life isn’t only about FASHION, and 3) DO YOU CARE? I guessed so.

“On to the next,” BTW that’s my new motto. Anyway, I wanna talk about what’s happened since I last blogged. Even I couldn’t tell you how long it’s been. Just look at the calender on the homepage, then tell me, because I can’t be bothered.

Without further ado…

1) I got my long overdue HAIRCUT

Jan 21,  2011 – I won’t torture you with the image of my ugly mug with my new do but what matters is I liked how it turned out.

2) Got my monthly MAGAZINE FIX

January 21, 2011 later on – I obviously overdosed. I mean, how could I resist?


It’s like Ricardo Tisci was literally saying  “Wait til you see the back!” when he designed these dresses. Very Tame in the front, then BAM! These dresses transport you to a Japanese Epic Movie with kick-ass warrior princesses. Sick. And very fresh.


It’s not a well-known fact to those who know me but I used to be the biggest BS fan. Still am, I would die if I ever saw her in person. I’m glad she’s rising from the ashes and making songs with Max Martin again. Can’t wait for the music video, hope she rocks it.

5) Rihanna’s S&M music video

Very Galliano.

Jessica Rabbit isdatchu?

Cuz she’s such a lady.

Copycat photo in the near-future;)

And anyone made the connection to Prada Spring/Summer 2011?

Hot New Must-Have of 2011: Pop-colored Fur Stoles

I want the one in the ABOVE photo.

One of the few Prada collections I actually like. Hey, I’m being honest.

BTW, when does Youtube get off on blocking the S&M video for censorship?! The home of elicit dry-humping amateur dance demos and fart videos. FAIL, YOUTUBE, FAIL!


I WANT THIS SO BAD. I wonder who styled her for the feature. I love bleached eyebrows and pink wings.

It better be a 12-page spread. I hate it when magazines feature a beloved celebrity on the cover and fool fans into buying it when there’s only 5 pages of the cover star in the whole magazine.

6) Almost two months of NO-CLOTHES-SHOPPING

I’ve been trying to save up my money for future trips later on in the year, so you won’t be seeing much shopping binges and purges. Don’t worry though, I don’t see this lasting that much longer cuz my wardrobe is aching for something brand-spanking NEW or VINTAGE (aka something AMAZING from the thrift store).


That didn’t seem like much but of course I didn’t include the school drama, the friend drama, the family drama, TOO MUCH DRAMA, my renewed obsession with Korean Dramas; the Spring 2011 TV lineup: Vampire Diaries, Nikita, Pretty Little Liars, Fairly Legal, Jersey Shore, Being Human US, Shameless US, and tons more but then again I watch too much TV. Still Waiting for THE ONE. Trying and Failing to lose weight. Laughing til tears run down my face. Spending time with my baby brother. Letting my friends know how much I appreciate them for just being. Wanting the world and more. Dreaming of my own ULTIMATE COLLECTION and RUNWAY SHOW. And eatting tons of CHOCOLATE FUDGE BROWNIES:)

…Til Next Time…


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