Happy Valentine’s Day 2011


Dress: Versace Spring 2009 RTW

Model: Mariacarla Boscono

I thought I would add a little Fashion flare to the day with the dress ABOVE. I loved this collection, maybe due to my obsession with Kate Moss featured in the advertising, something with a black dress and the heart motif you see in the dress that Mariacarla is wearing.

Besides that, I think as I get older I’m learning more and more about myself and being more truthful and just plain honest. No more bullshit and artifice besides little vanities. Whatever that means, don’t mind my rambling. For example, I’ll be wearing a good outfit but I won’t be so fake to not admit that my new shoes are killing me. The main thing is that I think LOVE is important in everything you do. Love for yourself, the people you care about, the love in what you do in your career or work and the love I have for being alive.


So I could care less about flowers, or chocolate, or fancy dinners. All I need today is LOVE and, thank whatever god is out there, I already have that.


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