All Of The Lights

All of The Lights – Kanye West ft. Rihanna

The music video just premiered the other day but I only watched it not too long ago. I really like the song but it’s Kanye, if you know what I mean. And being a huge Rihanna fan, all I cared about was when in the video was Rihanna gonna make an appearance? AND I HATE THAT VEVO doesn’t let you view videos other than on their site or Youtube. FUCKING FAILLLLLLL!

She did not disappoint. Again she’s wearing a very revealing outfit. Lots of side-boob action going on. But all I care about is WHO MADE THE TOP?????

I had an inkling that the belt was Alaïa. Maybe it was the shape of it that gave it away. And I know Alaïa makes a lot of thick belts. I googled it (in images) and I found it on Olivia’s Obsession. According to her, it is by Azzedine Alaïa.

The belt in question:

It doesn’t really matter but I think it’s definitely Alaïa. Too bad they don’t have a website so I can confirm. Azzedine is notorious for being old-school.

As for the top, I think it’s Jean Paul Gaultier but  I could be sooooo wrong. All I can think of is….


Milla Jovovice in The Fifth Element, bandage costume by Jean Paul Gaultier

PLUS This:

Rihanna wearing Jean Paul Gaultier Spring 2011 Couture Collection – at the 2011 Grammys




Btw, I went to to look for the Grammy’s dress in the JPG collections and guess who’s wearing it on the RUNWAY?????

Jean Paul Gaultier Couture – Spring 2011 – Look 46

It’s none other than our favorite Femi-Man model, ANDREJ PEJIC!!!!!!!

I DIED A MILLION TIMES in a few seconds when I read the caption for who the model was. I first saw the picture first on Fashion Police on TV for the Grammys but I didn’t realize it then. He looks so gorg, you can’t even tell he’s a male model if you didn’t know any better. We first saw him on the JPG runway last winter for the JPG Spring 2011 Men’s Show.

Go here for more Andrej.

Damn, I didn’t realize the post was gonna be so long. I thought video, then Rihanna, then the Alaia belt pic, and I would be done. Oh well.



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