HCC Mini-Fashion Show 2011

HCC Fashion Tech Program did it’s yearly Mini-Fashion Show again this past Friday, and I finally got to be a part of it. Well, at least my dress did.

Here are the videos:

Part Un

Part Deux


My Dress:

My model is Pua, the dress was made in my draping class last semester. I gotta thank my model Pua for being so awesome. While all the girls were walking in heels, she still rocked it out on the runway in combat boots. I styled her with tough footwear and simple hair and makeup to not make it  look like we were trying to BE FASHION. I hate that. I also have to give it to Milan for doing the hair and makeup 20 minutes before the show. I added the bow for modesty, but I think it’s cute. Thanks to my good friend JennaBea for teaching me how to make a bow. The deep V was just getting vulgar by the second as I was looking at it with a detached critical eye. The bow gave the dress a more Valentino look, less mall girl. Ugh, did I just write that? Don’t judge me.

That day was just one of those rare good days. Got to see my stuff go down the runway, had a day out with my best friend, laughed a lot, ate good food, and finally got to go shopping. Checked out Forever21 on Kalakaua Ave finally, it was alright. I’d still rather have H&M.

Shopping post coming soon. Til next time.


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