That Givenchy Dress

Sometimes there comes a dress that ends all dresses.

This is one of them.

Let me present the beautiful, ethereal, out-of-this-world entity and fashion icon that is Cate Blanchett…

She’s at the 2011 Academy Awards clad in Givenchy Couture Spring 2011.

Now here’s the back:

The beading on the Back (and Front) is just gorgeous. And the shape of it is just so ultra-modern. Reminds me so much of Roland Mouret’s Galaxy dresses.

I just about died when I saw her walking through the crowd of people on the red carpet while watching it on TV. I though, ‘No, she can’t be wearing what I think she’s wearing.’ And SHE WAS!

SHE KILLED IT. She just did it right. The hair. The Make-Up. The jewelry. The face. Well, that’s just genetics, but still! So perfect.

Florence and The Machine AIN’T GOT NOTHING ON CATE! Florence’s dress at the 2011 Grammys was ill-fitting and styled so horribly.That’s all.

Here’s the dress at the presentation:

I live for Givenchy and I’m just so happy that Cate did right by the Couture collection.

Halle, Mila, Reese, Sandra, Gwyneth, and that girl in that Orange tank dress also looked great. Too bad they paled in comparison to Cate.



I was watching the Fashion Police, the Academy Awards edition, and Joan Rivers bashed the dress. She said the beading made it look like Cate had a man-eating skin disease. Which funny enough, I can kinda see.  I love Joan but I love, love, love this dress to pieces. I don’t care that it gives Cate no sex-appeal, she’s not Mila Kunis or Halle Berry with their pretty dresses in soft colors. Not everybody dresses to look SEXY or conventionally pretty, I think looking like a stone cold bitch sometimes is fantastic. Otherwise known as looking Fashion-forward. And everyone knows that dressing for the fashion crowd can sometimes kill a boner a mile away. But that’s why I love Fashion. It’s Art. It doesn’t have to fit in a neat little box. You love it or you hate it.

I’ve written too much now, so that’s all I’ve got to say. Agree with me or not, I still love this dress and how Cate wore it.


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