How to pack your couture

Anna Dello Russo Teaches Us How To Pack

Interviewer for New York Mag: You ever had a disaster (referring to losing luggage)?

Anna Dello Russo: Mamma Mia, not…You believe if I lost the luggage (laughs). I mean, it’s my life.

NYM: These are your clothes for New York and London?

ADR: Nooo…

NYM: So you’re gonna go home, then go to London?

ADR: Yes.

BTW, ADR is in NY at the time of the interview so she would have to travel across the Atlantic to Italy, then circle back to London, just so she can go get a fresh set of clothes for London Fashion Week.

ADR: So I cannot wear anymore this one (gesturing to the dress she has on), cuz it’s done…..This (pointing to a dress hanging) is ciao, finito.

NYM: Anna does not believe in outfit repeats.

ADR: How we can please the blogger then.

Too right, Anna, too right. I totally agree. When you’re getting photographed countless times a day during Fashion Week and millions of fashion fans are looking at photos of you on blogs, multiple blogs even. How can you wear the same thing twice??? Two times, multiplies into hundreds of times. I mean, how boring is that?

And that’s why fashion fanatics love ANNA DELLO RUSSO.



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