Summer Catch-up 2011

Hi Blog,

It’s me, Fashionfatty. I’m sorry for neglecting you. I am glad to see that, according to the Site Stats, you’re doing well without me. Very well, in fact. Hello, over 2,000 overall views. No thanks to me. I know it’s been lonely and you’ve been sad . I promise to make it up to you. It’s been a bumpy ride this past semester in school and in life in general. I’ve been through a lot and so has the world. Now that everything has calmed down in my personal life, I’ll make more of an effort to make consistent posts. I know it’s been a while but now, I’m back!

– Eddie

Okay, now that all that nonsense has been said…let’s catch-up shall we.

1. RIP Elizabeth Taylor

2. My heart goes out to the victims of Japan’s Earthquakes and Tsunamis.

Click  here to donate  to the American Red Cross. Although there is a minimum donation amount of $10. If not, then I’m sure there are other ways you can help.

3.  Another school year, Fall 2010 – Spring 2011, has ended

I’m so happy that this year is over. It started out great. I made two dresses that I’ve very proud of.

I’m very proud of this dress. Completing this dress showed me I can actually take an idea from my mind and bring it to life, and even better than what I thought it could be. The materials, lace and satin, were a bitch to work with, but it was all worth it. I added the bow at the last minute to make it, as someone said, “more Valentino” and less scandalous. The bust is a deep-V after all.

The nude champagne dress was actually made before the black dress, both made for my Draping class last Fall. It’s a more classically romantic dress but it can be updated with the right accessories. I love the  scarf detail at the back, it flows while you walk. Either way I “got it out of my system” as my teacher would say.

Then as the second semester rolled by, I got more anxious and restless in my classes. I couldn’t explain it. I got lazy, couldn’t wait to get out of class, and did horrible work, in my opinion.

Then I had to go to the hospital. Without getting too deep into it, my recent difficulties of breathing and fatigue were due to something more serious than I thought. But during two days in the hospital, I couldn’t wait to go back to school. I got a reality check and the scare of my life. I’ve had to make lifestyle changes and luckily feel better physically. But due to the seriousness of my condition, I’ve had to make better choices. Whatever I had going on before that became insignificant.  I knew I had to make changes, in my life and attitude. I also got it out of my system and now I feel more motivated to create new and better stuff.

I didn’t have much time left in school after the visit to the doctor but I was able to make this dress. Excuse me for it’s simplicity but I made it in under a week. I think it turned out okay but it’s not perfect. Quick fact: Chiffon is a BITCH to work with. My teachers warned me, point taken.

Cheers to life scares and the future!

Down to more trivial things…


It’s always been a big part of my life. I sing to myself often but never in front of an audience. I never got over that fear of being judged, so no American Idol for me. And I’m positive there are more motivated and better singers out there. I’ve shifted a lot from the club music that Lady GaGa has had us mesmerized over to more subdued stuff like R&B.

Which brought on me buying Alicia Keys’ latest album The Element of Freedom on iTunes. Then I discovered this hidden jem:

Distance & Time – Alicia Keys

This song talks about long-distance relationships and being apart from your lover but I think it’s universal. For me, it’s about finding your soulmate and having the patience to wait. Either way, I think it’s just a beautiful song.

I’ve been listening to a lot of Lauryn Hill’s Miseducation of Lauryn Hill and Stacie Orrico’s Beautiful Awakening.

And my summer jam is California King Bed by Rihanna. I knew this song was a hit way before it was released as a single. Her music video and live performance of the song are just flawless.

I thought Rihanna was just another studio-voice singer, where they sound better on the album. I’m very happily surprised she sang the song as well live as on the record. I don’t think people give her enough credit. Try reaching those high notes. She’s only gotten better through the years. I’m definitely now one of her biggest fans.

5. Fashion

I needed a break from the “fashion world.” I was sick of being so into material things and appearances and beauty. Probably due to the scary things going on in my life and the world I just couldn’t put much focus on it for a while. Hence, the long hiatus from my blog. Now that everything has calmed down a bit, I can indulge in my little obsession with all things beautiful.

Here’s the off-shoot of fashion, my treasured Fashion Mags:

The first batch was given to me by my best-friend while I was in the hospital. You don’t know how much it meant to me. It was the gesture not the magazines that mattered. Hospitals are boring, just so you know. These were a welcome sight and distraction.

Thanks to my friend Ashley Q for the brass with black cord bracelet she made for me:) Contact me if you want a bracelet commissioned.

The magazines above are a must-have. Looking through them all, it was worth the $20 I spent. Britney in Dolce & Gabanna and Givenchy is just amazing. Lady GaGa kills it as always. The Vman is full of “candy” as my friends would say, yummy in fact.

As for real fashion, I haven’t seen any of the recent collections to make an informed opinion. But I do see a lot of camels and nudes, shocking colors, ultra-feminine designs, masculine lines, and the apache-rug patterns from Proenza Schouler Fall/Winter 2011/2012 collection, which are turning up on shoes, t-shirts, and bag.

Here’s an example of the classic Apache pattern:

And if that isn’t enough to understand what I mean, here are photos from Jak & Jil blog taken in the Proenza Schouler studio:

See more here.

I’m predicting everyone and their mother will be wearing an incarnation of the pattern come Fall 2011.

Well that’s it for now. I’m getting sleepy and it’s almost 4 in the morning in lovely Hawaii. Goodnight my anonymous readers.

Til next time;)


One response to “Summer Catch-up 2011

  1. I absolutely live for your BLOG! You are an inspiration, and yesssss, a HEATHER!! It’s so good to see that we have so much in common. Rest in Love & Peace, Elizabeth Taylor. Your flawless sense of beauty, ASTOUNDING. Prayers and thoughts to all that suffered from the Tsunami in Japan. GAGA RIRI and Alicia Keyes!! I absolutely LIVE. Continue to inspire as you do, HEATER!! ❤ always. Heather!!

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