In one word describe who you are.

Mine would be LOVE.

I love a lot of things. My family, my friends, my life (despite my constant use of “FML”), most of all, myself, and every other beautiful thing in the world. And I say “LOVE” like a million times a day. It might as well be my middle name.

What would your word be?

Natalia chose KILLS.


Ain’t she FIERCE?

She’s officially my new obsession. I kinda wanna be her stalker, in the best sense of the word. She’s pretty, obviously likes fashion, BALLSY, writes catchy music, her music videos are SICK and the girl can sing her heart out. What’s not to love?

She’s 24 years old, born Natalia Noemi Cappuccini, in the UK to a Jamaican father and Uruguayan mother. Mostly raised by her grandmother, who she says is her biggest influence. Started acting at an early age, acted in TV shows in the UK, wrote songs for movies and went to art school.

For more info, click here.

In 2008, she moved to L.A. to get closer to the music industry, where she met and later got signed to his group at Interscope Records. And as they say, the rest is history. She later released her single “Mirrors” in 2009. She’s well-known in Germany, where the single reached the Top 10. She just released her debut album, Perfectionist in April…. in Germany.UGH I know. Where the HELL can we buy her music?

Am I the only one that thinks it’s BULLSHIT that iTunes won’t let you buy music from other countries besides your own? And why don’t artist release their music internationally at one time? I think it’s stupid. I thought music transcended boundaries, countries, oceans…so much for that thought.

But until the Natalia Kills craze comes stateside, there’s always Youtube. I kid. I would love to pay for her music but there’s no way to legally get her music stateside yet. Til then…

These are my favorite songs:

1. Wonderland

2. Love is a Suicide

3. Break You Hard

4. Broke

5. If I Was God

The rest of her songs are confessional, hard, vulnerable, tough, very Catchy, cocky, lyrically strong, and filled with “love, sex, control, vanity.” But seriously, look her up, it’s worth it. And before you say it, SHE IS NOT THE NEW LADY GAGA. Have some respect!

Watch this video on why she isn’t:


Check out this video:

Warning! This video contains disturbing images.

The decapitated head at the end is gross but I can appreciate the artistry. And the Fashion is just SICK!

Remember those skeleton heels that DSquared Skeleton Heels everyone went gaga over a couple of season ago…

…She has peep-toe versions in the video if you didn’t notice.

They have a censored version of the video but I don’t think much of it is disturbing at all. Yeah, there are riot police man-handling her and her guests, drug-laced cupcakes, cannibalism, and decapitation but what does it take to shock people anymore?

I can’t wait for more from her. I can’t wait for her to get HUGE. You can just tell.

Til Next time.


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