Lily Allen Got Married!

Lily Allen is now Lily Allen Cooper!

I like the sound of it.

She married her boyfriend of two years Sam Cooper in Gloucestershire, England today, Saturday.

Here’s a video of her arriving at the  quaint li’l church:

Her dress was by French designer Delphine Manivet and she carried white roses as she walked down the aisle escorted by her father, Keith Allen.

I’m so happy for her. She looked so happy, she even waived at the photographers which is funny since she has had a love/hate relationship with them through her years as a tabloid cover star. I guess no one could ruin her big day.

She’s finally getting what she always wanted…to be a wife and yet-to-be mother, hopefully the kids aren’t that far off.

She’ll always have a special place in my musical heart because her music was the soundtrack to my late high school and teen-aged years.

Here’s one of my favorite songs from her:

You won’t believe how many times I’ve listened to this song over the years. It’s one of her few romantic songs. She’s known for being outspoken and cheeky with her lyrics, but I think deep down she has a mushy heart just like I do. I also LOVE her sense of humor. I just wish she would make more songs! I’m crossing my fingers she will. But I doubt it’ll be anytime soon.

Congratulations LILY!


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