Polariod Girl aka Kate Moss Tee

Kate Moss is fucking Ah-May-Zing!

Now that we got that out of the way, I don’t have to explain why I’m so desperate to buy this tee from hipster capital aka Urban Outfitters.

Polaroid Girl by Deter Tee. Image from UO.

At first, I thought, ‘No, it can’t be her.” But then I took a closer look…

IF THAT ISN’T KATE MOSS shoot me in the face right now.

I’m kidding but I think it’s her. So I want it. And it’s only $24. Plus shipping it’s $34 total minus Tax (UO orders to Hawaii are Tax-Free), still cheaper than other tees I’ve bought that have her visage.

Unfortunately, my card isn’t getting authorized by UO. It’s not from lack of funds. I’ve called too but it still didn’t work. Customer service doesn’t know why either. Therefore, no Kate Moss for me. Alas, I’m getting help from my friend so I should be getting it sometime soon.

BTW, this tee is also available on the Deter Clothing online store, black comes in Small to Large and white from Small to XL. Too bad they’re shipping sucks. It’s $28 for the tee by itself on their site, plus $20 in shipping alone to Hawaii. Plus Tax, it comes out to over $50 from ONE tee.

Way too much. So until I can get a friend to buy it for me, no Kate:(


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