ZOMBIE (boy)

He’s known as Zombie Boy, albeit reluctantly.

“Zombie” was his name as an artist, “Zombie Boy” was coined by some journalist.

Meet Rick Genest aka Rico…

He’s tattooed over 80% of his body, the rest he calls a “work in progress.” I’m curious as to which parts those are;)

He’s appeared on two Mugler shows, Mugler ads, walked alongside Supermodel Jessica Stam, starred in a Lady GaGa music video, and a film with Keanu, some scenes even with the actor.

Like most people I thought his tattoos was paint at first. I mean, can you imagine the amount of pain he’s gone through? All for the sake of his art.

That deserves some respect. I think he’s beautiful.

I LIVE for Jessica Stam. She ain’t fazed by him. She’s a true Supermodel.

These ads for Mugler are sooooo BEYOND.

I think this is the best part of the ‘Born This Way’ video. Lady GaGa met her soulmate.

I’m so into Mugler right now. I want everything from Nicola for Mugler!

I thought Nicola Formichetti was only styling Mugler. I couldn’t believe he was the new Creative Director! AMAZE-BALLS!

Here’s a picture for a shoot he did for East Village Boys, my new favorite blog:

I’m loving this look. From the turtle neck, to the studded jeans, to the thick soled boots. I want it ALL! All by Mugler, of course.

Photography by Mattieu Bredon-Huger

Styled by Lucile Puton

There’s an interview asking about his origins, his career, his art, his instant fame, his relationship with Nicola, and what you can expect from him in the future. Typical interview stuff:)

He’s my newest obsession.

Go here to read it. Pretty interesting stuff.

I’m all for embracing each others’ differences and unique-ness.

Stay educated, people! Ignorance is death.


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