YSL Homme Spring Summer 2011

As much as I want to play dirty, I’m a clean boy.

I envy those dudes that can carry off the bad boy I’m dirty but I smell really good look. Maybe it’s cuz they’re my type. haha. What a dilemma.

Directed by Kacper Kasprzyk

BTW, I love white sheets. The video embodies pretty much how I want to live.

YSL Homme Spring/Summer 2011 is how I would dress if I could afford it.

Alas, with most of the world I can’t afford fashion retail prices. If you can’t buy the clothes, buy the peripherals. Shoes, bags, perfumes, and accessories are the money-makers of the fashion industry.

I’ve been coveting these hi-top sneakers (ABOVE) on Matchesfashion.com for months now. And to any of those familiar with the popular online store, they tend to sell out. FAST. And the ones above did. Hopefully, I can still buy them in store or on YSL.com.

Wish me luck:)


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