Paris Fashion Week – Christian Dior Haute Couture FW 2011

Waiting for the show to start.

This is what the venue looks like…

Welcome to Dior 2011, post Galliano.

This is kind of shocking. I mean, Dior was the ultimate in runway. It was the show everyone always talked about or wanted to attend.

Let’s hope the fashion blows us away. Kind of wondering if the new people behind-the-scenes designed the collection or Galliano did?

The arrivals look promising…

ADR representing like she always does:)

Wondering who the dress is by. Brings to mind Mayan gold and Versace.

The show started!!!!


The show sucked.

I mean, it looked all over the place, tons of sequins and layers over layers, frizzed out hair, 70s makeup, odd maxi dresses, and fugly ball gowns.

I think they were going for a Carnival look. I have no clue.

My friend summed it up pretty well, “Worst show ever.”

He also pointed out that the resort collection was pretty good. Which leads me to beg the question, “How could you fuck up the couture collection?”

I’m speechless.


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