Natalia Kills released her new video for her new single “Free”  featuring yesterday and I am blown…away. Yeah. Done. Shut it down. Decimated.

It couldn’t be any more perfect for the song.

The video is irreverent, gutsy, filled with FASHION, sexy, has lots of eyecandy, and totally KILLed it, concept-wise.

What more can I say….

Watch it here:

There’s so much in the video I want to talk about. I had to screen-capture it to DEATH. I mean, buried six feet under DEAD.

I just couldn’t edit. Every shot was amazing.

See what I mean:

Notice how her nails match her shoes:)

Doesn’t she remind you of a super-modern Audrey Hepburn in this pic?

I live for a censored nipple, smoking jackets, slicked-back hair and smokey eyes. This bitch is FIERCE.

I totally agree. Being content is another thing entirely.

A girl with smokey eyes in a smoking jacket smoking a cigarette. D’accord:)

She’s not tutting, she’s fanning herself:D

Money ain’t a thang.

Totally copying this pose for my FB profile pic.

Anyone thinking what I’m thinking?

I had to. Get it now?

Never settle for okay. I loathe mediocrity.

Those knuckle rings are SICK.

That’s what I always tell people but they give me funny looks:)


Is that top Alexander McQueen? I need fashion credits!!!! It’s killing me.

Hair right, shoes tight

Those shoes are TDF.

Money is Freedom.

I think lipstick on a man is so HOT.

I wear it once, And i don’t pop the tag, The next day I’ma bring it back

Female equivalent of a sock, perhaps?

C’est vrai.

Those infamous shades.

I want those shades!!!!!!!!

It’s a party!

What?! LOL. Oh no she didn’t!

The man that made it all possible. Thanks


You can’t take it with you to the grave:/

I DIE for this bag. It’s so outrageous. I mean, who doesn’t carry a gold gun in their purse?

All of sudden, everyone’s undressing. What?

It’s time to get down and dirty;)

She posed like her life  depended on it in this video.

A little bit of hair never hurt nobody 😀

Objectum Sexuality, anyone?

Come on. If that didn’t shock, wow, make you angry, inspire envy, stoke lust, or anything that made you feel, then you’re not human.

She’s a true artist, in my humble opinion.

Now that was a workout and I need my sleep.

Until next time.


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