The Mangina Monologues

Hey my anonymous readers,

I present my new tumblr page…


Click the link to check it out.

Tumblr is more instant noodles, compared to my blogging here. Fashionfatty is more like handmade pasta. Get it? Whatever. I’m not good with analogies.

My blog is more about stuff I want to expand on and posting tons of pics on one subject. I will still blog on this site. Promise.

The Mangina Monologues is gonna be all about instant gratification for me. Blogging is hard. It takes time to post pictures. Tumblr will give me the option of being lazy and posting whatever the fuck I want. Be it a scandalous KATE MOSS picture, a hot guy, funny shit, shit that I love, or reblog or anything under the sun.

So if you like it and have your own tumblr, FOLLOW me:)


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