Tell Me I’m Beautiful

I did the Facial Beauty Analysis on the Anaface site and this was what it had to tell me about my face…

Don’t mind my ugly mug;)

Go here to do your own. It’s fairly easy. All you need is a forward facing photo of yourself, like mine, click a few buttons and you’re done.

Since the site doesn’t explain how it calculates scores, I’ll assume it’s based on ideal facial proportions. Kinda like the ideal body proportions. I’ve also heard the more symmetrical your face is, meaning how alike both sides of your face are, determines the attractiveness of the face.

Of course, I don’t take this stuff seriously. Beauty is subjective. I mean, there are legitimately beautiful people out there, but attractiveness is subject to the individual. It’s in the eye of the beholder.

 Now, tell me this model isn’t close to perfect.

Erik Sage


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