The 35K Croc Backpack

The Row Crocodile Backpack

This beauty is part of the debut collection of bags from Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen’s super-luxe line, The Row. And like the clothes, consisting of high end basics for everyday life, the bags themselves are very minimal. And the bag above retails for $35,000 USD.

At prices like that, I’m sure these bags will remain exclusive and highly sought after. Like Hermes Birkins and Kellys, these are statement bags. They say, “I’m super RICH, deal with it.”

In fashion, over-the-top prices are the norm. So 35k for a backpack is just  another among a sea of like-priced items. Crocodile is notorious for being crazy expensive. They only use the underside of the crocodile, the belly, and only can use the part of the hide that’s unblemished. Then treat it with god-knows how many chemicals to get it super soft, a precise color and gloss. And then cut out the raw pieces of the bag by hand and handsew it all together.

And that’s what goes into the price of the 35k bag.

There’s no point in complaining and wondering why a bag costs so damn much. Get over it. I can’t afford it and I’m sure few can. It’s part of the prestige.

But it won’t stop me from coveting it. It’s so damn beautiful.

Here’s Ashley toting a version of the bag:

Photo credit: Olsens Anonymous

It’s not black, it’s a dark ecru. So I’m guessing it’s either an exclusive or a prototype. Gawd, I’m so jealous. GAH!!!!!!

It’s even been criticized on Fashion Police! The show’s one of my many guilty pleasures and I adore Joan Rivers. They dogged on the bag but I love it anyway.

I have to say this though, the bags seem familiar. Basically, they look like bags I’ve seen the girls carry. Particularly Ashley Olsen. She’s been seen carrying this vintage Fendi Croc tote for years.

It’s obvious where they got their inspiration from.

The bag is said to retail for $9,000 USD.

And The Row top handle totes remind me of Prada’s Saffiano totes.

Regardless, the bags are gorgeous and their origins are just as beautiful.


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