Givenchy Rottweiler Tee

Yes, it’s basically SOLD OUT everywhere.

Unless, you don’t count shady eBay dealings.

This baby retailed for $265 US on SSENSE.

Sadly, I found out a little too late about this FIERCE tee. And it’s driving me crazy. I mean, that’s not bad for a designer tee. YSL goes for almost $500. Balmain goes for thousands. But I’ll deal.

Luckily, I found a more economical version. A knock-off, rip-off, fake, or whatever. It’s my salvation because I really wanted the Givenchy version but I can’t pay that pretty price-tag on eBay at the moment.

So Rook’s Rott Father Tee became my new best-friend.

Retail Price: $24 plus shipping

Way cheaper than Givenchy, it’s a good alternative if you’re dyeing for that vicious dog tee that every fashionisto is clamoring to own.

I can’t wait for it to arrive:)


On another note, I haven’t blogged as much lately due to school keeping me busy and highly stressed out and very broke.

Tailoring class has me making my very own tuxedo style jacket. A tux jacket that’s 100% black wool, fully lined, silk lapels and all that jazz. Very difficult to make.  Over 30 pieces to cut. Making a muslin, altering patterns, fittings, buying $30 per yard wool ( I needed 6 yards = $200), and pre-shrinking have worn me out. About to cut my final wool fabric and start constructing the jacket itself will keep me in a frenzy for the next two weeks. It’s due on October 4th, so I’m strapped for time.

This is my inspiration.

Wish me luck.


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