Drive starring Ryan Gosling

It’s all about the satin jacket above. It’s gorgeous. Well, so is Ryan Gosling but that’s obvious. Now I want one, in black of course.

I did some research and the now iconic jacket is by costume designer Erin Benach. So you can’t buy it in retail, guys:( I know, it sucks. Apparently, a LOT of work went into it. Ryan helped in the process and was inspired by his own vintage Korean souvenir jacket. I love that he’s so into fashion now. Go HERE  to learn more about it.

I don’t know if it’s true but it looks like Ryan’s stylist from Crazy Stupid Love followed him into this movie because Ryan has been sticking to fitted clothing. It’s definitely a good thing. Keep it up the good work, Ryan’s stylist!

I just finished watching Drive and it was so good. Ryan apparently chose the director of the movie so he made the perfect choice because it was amazing. From the simple hero/love story, sick driving scenes, shockingly violent death scenes, very 80s pop-like soundtrack, and Ryan’s wardrobe went well together to pull you into the movie.

Ryan’s character is very mysterious. No one knows anything about him other than the fact that he’s very good at driving and good with cars. And he likes listening to pop songs. Ryan was recently on Conan and he talked a little about it. So jealous cuz Ryan gifted Conan his own satin scorpion jacket. I was telling my friend that this jacket was gonna be big and that every guy will want one and I thought it was funny that Conan said the same thing.

And then there’s that song that’s stuck in my head. If you see the movie, you’ll know why.

I love it. It’s so unexpected in a fast-driving film like this. The song plays a very big part in the movie. It’s so NOT Fast & Furious. The soundtrack is amazing for this movie and no it does not include any of the latest Hip Hop tracks out there. Go HERE to see more of the song list.

So go watch it! You’ll love it:)


2 responses to “Drive starring Ryan Gosling

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  2. Seen this movie last week. The song is just great. I’m straight but this guy, the movie and the whole thing are making me think too much. I mean, even if you are straight, you have to like the whole set, which includes this guy.

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