Countdown –  Beyoncé

I’ve been waiting for this video to come out and I was not disappointed. Beyonce brought it like she always does, even while pregnant. She co-directed the video along with Adria Petty, who also worked on the ‘Sweet Dreams’ music video, also another of my faves. Apparently, the video was inspired by 1960s pop art and the beatnik movement of the 50s and 60s. It also payed homage to Michael Jackson and Audrey Hepburn.

More infor about the song and video HERE.

Here’s some screencaps of my fave parts:

This dress is Thierry Mugler. So glam with the baby bump.

Goodness synchronizing this dance must have taken hours. See how only three Beyonces are dancing in sync at a time  from left to right.

This was so cute. Finger-choreography!

Just cuz I thought she looked particularly GORGEOUS in this shot.

It’s like she’s saying “Heyyyyyyyyy, I know I look hot right here!” LOL!

Hope you enjoyed that:)


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