Rihanna – We Found Love (Official Video)

First of all, I’m so happy this FINALLY came out. I hate behind-the-scenes videos of music videos BEFORE they come out cuz I hate the anticipation. The shots of Rihanna romping  in rural Ireland, all denim-ed out in the streets of Dublin, then the secrecy of a closed set and rumors of a new romance with the dude in the video.

After all that jazz, I was not disappointed.

See for yourself:

I just LOVVVVVVE the concept and “treatment,” as Rihanna would say, of the video. It’s kind of like what I wish my teenage years were like, all rebellious and beautifully gritty and stylish as an 80s teen punk movie.

The pretend-Irish accent at the beginning was flawless, it made me kind of believe it was real. Then the beautiful projections on the wall in the bedroom were amazing and unexpected and new in its use. The ribbon-vomit was cute, because we all know the real stuff is SO NOT. The bleach blonde Chris Brown look-a-like was either intentional or not but I could care less as he was the perfect sidekick. The dazed and confused aspect was perfect for the song. And the fashion was so fresh and 80s-Now, I loved it.

BTW, did you notice the near boob shot? I can’t believe Youtube hasn’t put a sensor shield on this yet.

Til Next time:)


One response to “Rihanna – We Found Love (Official Video)

  1. I love this video! I have always loved Rihanna, but her transition and transformation as an artist has elevated that love. Lastly, I want all the denim in this video – even if it won’t fit me, I want it!

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