I’m not very good at making up synopses of stories so I posted the trailer of the movie.

Basically, it features a kid nicknamed “Spork” because of her gender bending qualities. Get it? Anyways, she’s tormented by classmates. Mainly, a group of wanna-be Britneys called the “Biatches” are her worst enemies. With her ghetto fabulous neighbor Tootsie Roll, aptly name after her favorite dance move, Spork enters the annual dance competition at their middle school.

And it was ah-ma-zing. It’s like a mix of Mean Girls, Napoleon Dynamite, and Save The Last Dance with a dose of 80s fashion. Think spandex, side ponytails, and big hair. But it was sooooo much more. Like her random obese Chinese friend, Chunk, who spouts sage quotes when Spunk needs to hear them and kinda steals the spotlight. Her gutsy friend Tootsie Roll is the perfect mentor/protector to the insecure Spork. There are tons of other notable characters in the movie…so go and watch it! It’ll give you that good feeling at the pit of your stomach and a tear to your eye after watching it.

For more info on the movie, go HERE.


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