Update 12/04/11

To all of my 6 followers,

Sorry for not having updated in so long. School and life has kept me busy and uninspired to post on this little bitty blog of mine.

I’ve also been low on original content. Namely, photos of my own to share. My tumblr  FASHION MARTYRDOM has basically become my vomitorium of Fashion images that I heart, reblog or post on the off chance I’m inspired by some random image. So if you want more frequency, go there if I don’t post here for a while. But then, fashion is just a small part of me so sometimes a new movie, song, youtube video, food or social commentary will pop up HERE now and again.

As I hate repetition, I saw  no point in reposting said tumblr images here.

I’m working on my tailoring jacket still. The lining is killing me (think hand-sewing for hours!). Photos of this are sure to appear here once I’m done:)

I’m kinda obsessed with my site stats and I’m happy to say I’ve reached 31, 699 VIEWS ALL TIME.  God knows how or why. I thank my Zombie Boy (aka Rick Genest) post for being so popular.

I promise new posts are coming soon:)


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