Wynter Gordon released her first BIG album ‘With the Music I Die’ back in June 2011 but as dance songs go, they usually don’t make it in the mainstream in the US so that could explain my total ignorance for half a year.

I’ve loved her since hearing  her famous song “Dirty Talk”  back in 2010 and the first video of her walking with handsome schoolboys and then disappearing into the forest to become a sexy pixy faerie. For some reason, she made a second “official” video but I love the original.

Another favorite of mine is “Believer” with the Freemasons. I die for the video.

So I was definitely surprised her album was out this long. I definitely did not waste time downloading the songs to my iPhone via iTunes because pirating songs is illegal ;D

So here are my favorite songs from the new album:

1. Buy My Love

‘Buy My Love’ has been on repeat since I heard it. Definitely my top favorite from the whole album. It’s exactly what I think how men should treat their lovers. I loathe scrooges.

2. Still Getting Younger

3. All My Life

4. Back To You

I love that the songs above actually have some meaning in them, which apparently was Wynter’s goal when writing them. We all know about mindless Dance music, all base thumping beats, no substance and mindless lyrics. Not that there’s anything wrong with that….

So now, I’ll go back to dancing with the naked sky while stars shine above listening to Wynter Gordon.


2 responses to “WITH THE MUSIC I DIE

  1. Electronica is one of my top genres for two reasons: the beat and the lyrics. No matter who you listen to Tiesto, Morgan Page or Dash Berlin, you’re going to get great results. So you should definitely check out some more of electro and dance music. Wynter has been around for a while, just featured on a lot of artists tracks (steve aoki, david guetta and even diggy simmons). Glad you’ve found her out, she has an amazing voice as well =]

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