GIVENCHY Spring 2011 Studded Backpack

I LOVE my new backpack!!!!!!!!!

Just got it in the mail today.

I’ve wanted one since the first one came out. But this one is even better. At least I think so.

It was so hard to get one. You couldn’t even bid on one on eBay before a bitch outbid you at the last second. Then I had this lengthy correspondence with a guy who had one but had to jump through all these hoops to get the money to him. Anyways, it was a nightmare.

But then I found this one through eBay but paid full price and sidestepped the bidding war.


So happy right now.

Til next time guys:)



Meet Jaws.

I’m kinda in love with him.

I bought him from an antiques shop the other day. It was love at first sight. I had to have him.

He’s beautiful but deadly as he also doubles as a ‘poison ring.’

You know like Lady GaGa in Paparazzi where she kills her boy-toy with a drink that she laces with poison from her ring.

It brings to mind all the naughty things I could do with Jaws…

LOL. No but seriously I’m totally obsessed with this ring. If I wasn’t in danger of poking my eye out while rubbing my eyes with it on, I would so wear it all day.

I could gush all day about it. But I just went on a shopping spree recently and I can’t wait to post stuff on here. AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! That’s how much it blows my mind. But of course, they’re all from online. So you and I have to wait.

Til next time:)

Frankie Morello Fall/Winter 2012-2013 Collection

Don’t really know much about Frankie Morello other than he casts the hottest male models out there and is based in Milan. But I loved his collection of menswear this Fall. I especially loved the the studded jackets, laptop cases, and shoes, which were also studded.

The show was divided between a sleek city-boy look that was polished but edgy, and a rich nomad that had vague influences of American Indian and Indian culture. I was more interested in the city look, which explains the lack of the other looks.

Here are my favorites from the collection:

I love the styling of the slouchy tee over the shirt. Wish I could find more tees like that.

If I can’t find the studded shoes above, these heavier looking ones would do.

All photos above are from Homotography

The photo above is the only look I liked from the rich nomad portion of the collection. I though it was a successful look that I haven’t seen before. And I loved the slouchy gauzy shirt peeking out from under and the rusty red pants are perfect.

Here are some detail shots:

All detail photos from NY Mag

Can’t wait to see the pieces in online stores!

They’re prices are pretty reasonable. Especially the shoes!

Givenchy Pre-Fall 2012 Lookbook

It’s no secret that I’m crazy for Givenchy (who isn’t?) and this collection is just another reason why Givenchy is becoming the most-watched house out there by men and women alike.

It features the same design elements of previous collections like the shark-tooth lanyards from the women’s line, marine-inspired elements, tons of leather, cut-outs, men’s earrings, the ever-present sandals, street-wear, the infamous rottweiler, stars, and the color green. The blue is also a nice touch, a color which I haven’t seen at Givenchy before.

I love that they used Simone Nobili. The lookbook also features Willy Cartier but I thought he looked a bit awkward in the looks. While Simone was perfectly suited to the urban backdrop and masculine styling.

I know it’s been covered by everyone and their mother but this is my take on it.

Here are my favorites:

I’ll either get the sweater or the t-shirt version, depending on price and availability.

I love the cut-outs in this sweater.

This army jacket is MAJOR. I love the pure-white fur hood.

Okay, one Givenchy post done. Two more to go.

Good job, Riccardo.

Japanese BBQ|Girl with the Dragon Tattoo|ROLEX & CHANEL

So I had a busy day today with my shopping/movie buddy Hannah.

First we had some BBQ at GYU-KAKU Kapiolani.

Stupid me ALMOST LOST my iPHONE for the SECOND time. First time, I lost my first black iPhone 4 in Vans Waikele, along with my FENDI case:( I’m over it.

So I bought a new one.

Thanks to the nice waiters for recovering it for me from the bathroom.

GOD KNOWS why I took it with me! I should just tape it to my face!

Drama averted. Whew!

Then we went to watch The Girl with the Dragon Tatoo 2011.

It was sooooooooo goood. I loved how much more high-budget this version was than the last. For $100 MILLION dollars, it better be. It made me believe that it was real.

The rape scene was horrendous as usual but the revenge scene was much more satisfying than the Swedish version.

I just didn’t like the re-writing of the ending. Don’t wanna spoil it but it’s not the same as the book or the Swedish version.


I don’t care what anyone says, Daniel Craig as Mikael Blomkvist is so much HOTTER. The Swedish actor was plain ugly. Sorry, but I’m really not.

Anyone who saw the Swedish Mikael Blomkvist NUDE saw what I mean. EWwwww.

I LOVED it when Lisbeth transformed from a super punk to uber rich bitch to steal $3 Billion from Wennerstrom. FIERCE!!!!!

But the most touching scene in the movie was when Lisbeth, aka Rooney Mara, sees Mikael on Christmas back with Erika Berger. TEAR. So heartbreaking.

GO WATCH IT PEOPLE!!!!! I want to see the SECOND and THIRD US versions as well.

And then we went shopping….

Excuse my hairy arm:/

It’s a ROLEX Oyster Perpetual Datejust.

The bezel is White Gold and the circumference of the face is the biggest they have.

$8500 US.

I couldn’t take it off.

I needed a l’il gift for my besty cuz I’m the worst gift giver. It’s the timing that I have to work on. This is for Xmas, kinda.

Hope my friend likes the color, it’s called Vendetta.

And that was my day out:)

Night peeps.


I’m usually not into charm bracelets, being a guy and all. Even a gay one wouldn’t be caught dead rocking a LEGIT charm bracelet from Tiffany’s. And if you’re gay AND wearing a charm bracelet from Tiffany’s you should be ashamed of yourself!


BUT…But the one above can definitely change my mind. It’s diviiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiine.


I would sooo rock this one. I want one like NOW.

That’s all.


There’s been so much controversy with Tom Ford’s Vogue Paris Christmas Issue, more specifically the editorial aptly named “Cadeaux” featuring little girls dressed up in grown-up couture and jewels. Thoughts of pedophilia and JonBenét Ramsey come to mind. I don’t deny it’s a little creepy but it’s nothing new.

I think it’s a little funny actually. You only see evil if you’re thinking evil. I’ve seen editorials in American issues of Elle and Harper’s Bazaar featuring little children dressed up as their adult counterparts before. And why all the hype so much later? The magazine’s been out for MONTHS. I suspect some demented and very religious group of people, I dare to say they may even mostly be Americans, are trying to start SHIT up. UGH.

Now enough of all that negativity, let’s appreciate how artfully done the editorial is. No expense was spared. I bet those custom size dresses are worth thousands. It’s  a fantasy, playing dress up, very innocent. That’s all it is. Gawd, when I was a little boy, I dreamed of being these little girls. So jealous.

Some even speculated that all this controversy was part of the reason Carine Roitfeld left her position of ten years as Editor-in-Chief of the famous magazine. She said she was always more of a stylist than a magazine editor and wanted to pursue other things. I really hope that wasn’t the case. I know people have to be held accountable for their actions but this didn’t hurt anyone except some idiot’s delicate sensibilities.