Kate Moss for Supreme Spring/Summer 2012

I’m sure you’ve all seen the hype already. Kate Moss. Supreme. Yada yada yada.

I’m usually late on all the trending topics…TRENDING…ugh…I hate hipsters…Anyways, this was one topic that has a special place in my heart.

Kate Moss on a t-shirt.

I DIED when I heard this was coming out. Being in Hawaii, I was afraid I would never see the tee itself in the flesh. Even the thought of bidding for one on eBay induced cold sweats late at night while I scoured the internet for clues on when it would be released. I already have THREE tees of her in a multitude of her infamous paparazzi or editorial shots. So I just thought this would make a nice addition to my collection.

Lo and behold, I see a couple of them, in black, grey, and white, on eBay. WAAAAay before the Supreme website even said they were available! So I had no choice but to buy one.

I HAD TO HAVE IT! Thank gawd, for the BUY IT NOW option on eBay.

For the small, itty, bitty price of $ 146 US.

So you can only imagine the girly shout and subsequent dramatic gasps that ensued when I got this in the mail today…

So happy right now. I can’t wait to wear it. Calculating impact of wearability on which day as I type. Get it?

That’s all.


Givenchy Pre-Fall 2012 Lookbook

It’s no secret that I’m crazy for Givenchy (who isn’t?) and this collection is just another reason why Givenchy is becoming the most-watched house out there by men and women alike.

It features the same design elements of previous collections like the shark-tooth lanyards from the women’s line, marine-inspired elements, tons of leather, cut-outs, men’s earrings, the ever-present sandals, street-wear, the infamous rottweiler, stars, and the color green. The blue is also a nice touch, a color which I haven’t seen at Givenchy before.

I love that they used Simone Nobili. The lookbook also features Willy Cartier but I thought he looked a bit awkward in the looks. While Simone was perfectly suited to the urban backdrop and masculine styling.

I know it’s been covered by everyone and their mother but this is my take on it.

Here are my favorites:

I’ll either get the sweater or the t-shirt version, depending on price and availability.

I love the cut-outs in this sweater.

This army jacket is MAJOR. I love the pure-white fur hood.

Okay, one Givenchy post done. Two more to go.

Good job, Riccardo.


Shorts vs. Pants

That’s the internal struggle that’s been plaguing me for the past week.

I’ve been agonizing over it because I have to make drawstring shorts or pants for school.

I’ve been dying over the Givenchy look since the collection came out. I never wear shorts or tights but it seems not so hard to pull off. The drawstring leather pants from CELINE are to die for. And the drawstring look is perfect for what I have to do in class. The pants are closer to what I have to make. So I’m leaning towards making pants.

I wish I could make both but it’s Industrial Sewing so I have no time to make both. We have a whole checklist of things to do in class. And I have to buy fabric pronto as I need it in 2 days.

Faux Leather vs. Black Satin

That’s my other dilemma. Never worked with leather before and mistakes are bound to happen. Satin is too shiny but the matte reverse is perfect since I can’t find an alternative. And the faux leather is like $15 per yard. Way too expensive for a pair of shorts made in school.

So many decisions, so little time.

I’ll post what I end up making:)

Drive starring Ryan Gosling

It’s all about the satin jacket above. It’s gorgeous. Well, so is Ryan Gosling but that’s obvious. Now I want one, in black of course.

I did some research and the now iconic jacket is by costume designer Erin Benach. So you can’t buy it in retail, guys:( I know, it sucks. Apparently, a LOT of work went into it. Ryan helped in the process and was inspired by his own vintage Korean souvenir jacket. I love that he’s so into fashion now. Go HERE  to learn more about it.

I don’t know if it’s true but it looks like Ryan’s stylist from Crazy Stupid Love followed him into this movie because Ryan has been sticking to fitted clothing. It’s definitely a good thing. Keep it up the good work, Ryan’s stylist!

I just finished watching Drive and it was so good. Ryan apparently chose the director of the movie so he made the perfect choice because it was amazing. From the simple hero/love story, sick driving scenes, shockingly violent death scenes, very 80s pop-like soundtrack, and Ryan’s wardrobe went well together to pull you into the movie.

Ryan’s character is very mysterious. No one knows anything about him other than the fact that he’s very good at driving and good with cars. And he likes listening to pop songs. Ryan was recently on Conan and he talked a little about it. So jealous cuz Ryan gifted Conan his own satin scorpion jacket. I was telling my friend that this jacket was gonna be big and that every guy will want one and I thought it was funny that Conan said the same thing.

And then there’s that song that’s stuck in my head. If you see the movie, you’ll know why.

I love it. It’s so unexpected in a fast-driving film like this. The song plays a very big part in the movie. It’s so NOT Fast & Furious. The soundtrack is amazing for this movie and no it does not include any of the latest Hip Hop tracks out there. Go HERE to see more of the song list.

So go watch it! You’ll love it:)

Le Photo #4

Anne Hathaway in Interview Magazine September 2011 issue

Shot by Mert Alas & Marcus Piggott

I just saw the picture and just stared. It’s so romantic. The styling, the treatment, and everything about it is just amazing.Whoever convinced her to do this shoot should be congratulated. I watched ‘One Day’ and this gives me another reason to love her. Can’t wait to see her in the new Batman movie.

There’s also an interview with Chelsea Handler. Read it here and see all the other photos in the series.

Jules Hamilton by Chiun-Kai Shih

A Single Man

Photo Credit: OHLALA Mag

Shot by Chiun-Kai Shih for Client Magazine

Model: Jules Hamilton

Anything related to Tom Ford is done tastefully with a little sex mixed in. I love anything Tom Ford and the movie ‘A Single Man’ was great too. This editorial captures what the movie is all about, a lonely man trapped in his chic ultra-shine minimal surroundings aching to be released.

Whatever that means. I just think it’s a pretty editorial. I love that over-the-shoulder profile shot.


There’s been so much controversy with Tom Ford’s Vogue Paris Christmas Issue, more specifically the editorial aptly named “Cadeaux” featuring little girls dressed up in grown-up couture and jewels. Thoughts of pedophilia and JonBenét Ramsey come to mind. I don’t deny it’s a little creepy but it’s nothing new.

I think it’s a little funny actually. You only see evil if you’re thinking evil. I’ve seen editorials in American issues of Elle and Harper’s Bazaar featuring little children dressed up as their adult counterparts before. And why all the hype so much later? The magazine’s been out for MONTHS. I suspect some demented and very religious group of people, I dare to say they may even mostly be Americans, are trying to start SHIT up. UGH.

Now enough of all that negativity, let’s appreciate how artfully done the editorial is. No expense was spared. I bet those custom size dresses are worth thousands. It’s  a fantasy, playing dress up, very innocent. That’s all it is. Gawd, when I was a little boy, I dreamed of being these little girls. So jealous.

Some even speculated that all this controversy was part of the reason Carine Roitfeld left her position of ten years as Editor-in-Chief of the famous magazine. She said she was always more of a stylist than a magazine editor and wanted to pursue other things. I really hope that wasn’t the case. I know people have to be held accountable for their actions but this didn’t hurt anyone except some idiot’s delicate sensibilities.