TOM FORD: OWN Visionaires Documentary

This may be old news but I just stumbled upon this today. I’ve been a huge fan of Tom Ford since I first found out about who was behind the House of Gucci, back when I was in middle school. Back then I didn’t know or care about anything in ‘Fashion.’ I just liked watching the runway shows on FashionTV when they still had it on basic cable, when the Style Network was actually about ‘style.’ I didn’t care about the clothes, I just liked watching pretty people. When he had a model’s pubic hair shaped into a “G” for a Gucci ad campaign, I was hooked. I was like, ‘who is this man who had the balls to do this and put it in a magazine?’

Then I started to see that it was about making beautiful things. Making people beautiful and feel it on the inside as well as out. Making people want to be beautiful. He was my gateway into the dream world that is the world of Fashion. And it is a dream.

Thank you Tom Ford. For making me dream.

It’s about time there was a documentary about him. Apparently, this is the first time he’s allowed cameras to follow him. This is just before he unveiled his first collection under the Tom Ford brand.

Here’s the video:

I just loved how he says “Yves Saint Laurent,” with a French accent. Or even hearing Carine talk. She was so cute when she was like “Don’t say zat,” when Tom was critiquing Crystal Renn’s photo. I loved watching this. I could go on for days about it.

Now, someone do a documentary of Riccardo Tisci at Givenchy!


Le Rêve

So we just had our big fashion show this past Saturday.

I wasn’t graduating, that’s next year, but I finally showed some of my designs in the show. In the Freshman section, which I personally think should be renamed to the Non-Senior section. I haven’t been a Freshman in college for years now.

I just felt like if I’m gonna bust my ass washing cars fundraising for the show I might as well show something of mine. Especially, when people who didn’t fundraise AT ALL or contribute anything to the program are allowed to show. LIKE WTF. Anyways, I’m bitter but that ain’t news.

I had a hard time finding models and trying to get accessories, shoes, and people to do hair and makeup. Thank goodness, it all worked out in the end. All thanks to my besty Ash and cousin Mary Ann who lent me shoes and accessories, my BEAUTIFUL models Neka and Pua, who are just amazing on and off the runway, my good friend Hannah who applied the flawless makeup on Neka,  someone from the Jacobe Salon who did the hair on both Neka and Pua.  My friend Olo, who’s just amazing, did his best to find models for my dresses. I can’t thank them enough.

Neka @ Wilhelmina Hawaii

Neka introduced me to a photographer named Sara Anslow right before this impromptu photoshoot.

The result is just gorgeous.

It was a long day but I was so happy in the end.

I congratulate my peers who are graduating this year. They all worked so hard. Ramie and Carmen, my home gurls, who I’ll miss like a muther after they leave school for bigger and better things.

Now I can’t wait for next year:)


I just got this on facebook.

Thanks to Rob DiAntonio for this photo.

It’s another first, since all the other runway shots I ever took sucked.

GIVENCHY Spring 2011 Studded Backpack

I LOVE my new backpack!!!!!!!!!

Just got it in the mail today.

I’ve wanted one since the first one came out. But this one is even better. At least I think so.

It was so hard to get one. You couldn’t even bid on one on eBay before a bitch outbid you at the last second. Then I had this lengthy correspondence with a guy who had one but had to jump through all these hoops to get the money to him. Anyways, it was a nightmare.

But then I found this one through eBay but paid full price and sidestepped the bidding war.


So happy right now.

Til next time guys:)


Meet Jaws.

I’m kinda in love with him.

I bought him from an antiques shop the other day. It was love at first sight. I had to have him.

He’s beautiful but deadly as he also doubles as a ‘poison ring.’

You know like Lady GaGa in Paparazzi where she kills her boy-toy with a drink that she laces with poison from her ring.

It brings to mind all the naughty things I could do with Jaws…

LOL. No but seriously I’m totally obsessed with this ring. If I wasn’t in danger of poking my eye out while rubbing my eyes with it on, I would so wear it all day.

I could gush all day about it. But I just went on a shopping spree recently and I can’t wait to post stuff on here. AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! That’s how much it blows my mind. But of course, they’re all from online. So you and I have to wait.

Til next time:)

Kate Moss for Supreme Spring/Summer 2012

I’m sure you’ve all seen the hype already. Kate Moss. Supreme. Yada yada yada.

I’m usually late on all the trending topics…TRENDING…ugh…I hate hipsters…Anyways, this was one topic that has a special place in my heart.

Kate Moss on a t-shirt.

I DIED when I heard this was coming out. Being in Hawaii, I was afraid I would never see the tee itself in the flesh. Even the thought of bidding for one on eBay induced cold sweats late at night while I scoured the internet for clues on when it would be released. I already have THREE tees of her in a multitude of her infamous paparazzi or editorial shots. So I just thought this would make a nice addition to my collection.

Lo and behold, I see a couple of them, in black, grey, and white, on eBay. WAAAAay before the Supreme website even said they were available! So I had no choice but to buy one.

I HAD TO HAVE IT! Thank gawd, for the BUY IT NOW option on eBay.

For the small, itty, bitty price of $ 146 US.

So you can only imagine the girly shout and subsequent dramatic gasps that ensued when I got this in the mail today…

So happy right now. I can’t wait to wear it. Calculating impact of wearability on which day as I type. Get it?

That’s all.

Frankie Morello Fall/Winter 2012-2013 Collection

Don’t really know much about Frankie Morello other than he casts the hottest male models out there and is based in Milan. But I loved his collection of menswear this Fall. I especially loved the the studded jackets, laptop cases, and shoes, which were also studded.

The show was divided between a sleek city-boy look that was polished but edgy, and a rich nomad that had vague influences of American Indian and Indian culture. I was more interested in the city look, which explains the lack of the other looks.

Here are my favorites from the collection:

I love the styling of the slouchy tee over the shirt. Wish I could find more tees like that.

If I can’t find the studded shoes above, these heavier looking ones would do.

All photos above are from Homotography

The photo above is the only look I liked from the rich nomad portion of the collection. I though it was a successful look that I haven’t seen before. And I loved the slouchy gauzy shirt peeking out from under and the rusty red pants are perfect.

Here are some detail shots:

All detail photos from NY Mag

Can’t wait to see the pieces in online stores!

They’re prices are pretty reasonable. Especially the shoes!

Givenchy Pre-Fall 2012 Lookbook

It’s no secret that I’m crazy for Givenchy (who isn’t?) and this collection is just another reason why Givenchy is becoming the most-watched house out there by men and women alike.

It features the same design elements of previous collections like the shark-tooth lanyards from the women’s line, marine-inspired elements, tons of leather, cut-outs, men’s earrings, the ever-present sandals, street-wear, the infamous rottweiler, stars, and the color green. The blue is also a nice touch, a color which I haven’t seen at Givenchy before.

I love that they used Simone Nobili. The lookbook also features Willy Cartier but I thought he looked a bit awkward in the looks. While Simone was perfectly suited to the urban backdrop and masculine styling.

I know it’s been covered by everyone and their mother but this is my take on it.

Here are my favorites:

I’ll either get the sweater or the t-shirt version, depending on price and availability.

I love the cut-outs in this sweater.

This army jacket is MAJOR. I love the pure-white fur hood.

Okay, one Givenchy post done. Two more to go.

Good job, Riccardo.