Japanese BBQ|Girl with the Dragon Tattoo|ROLEX & CHANEL

So I had a busy day today with my shopping/movie buddy Hannah.

First we had some BBQ at GYU-KAKU Kapiolani.

Stupid me ALMOST LOST my iPHONE for the SECOND time. First time, I lost my first black iPhone 4 in Vans Waikele, along with my FENDI case:( I’m over it.

So I bought a new one.

Thanks to the nice waiters for recovering it for me from the bathroom.

GOD KNOWS why I took it with me! I should just tape it to my face!

Drama averted. Whew!

Then we went to watch The Girl with the Dragon Tatoo 2011.

It was sooooooooo goood. I loved how much more high-budget this version was than the last. For $100 MILLION dollars, it better be. It made me believe that it was real.

The rape scene was horrendous as usual but the revenge scene was much more satisfying than the Swedish version.

I just didn’t like the re-writing of the ending. Don’t wanna spoil it but it’s not the same as the book or the Swedish version.


I don’t care what anyone says, Daniel Craig as Mikael Blomkvist is so much HOTTER. The Swedish actor was plain ugly. Sorry, but I’m really not.

Anyone who saw the Swedish Mikael Blomkvist NUDE saw what I mean. EWwwww.

I LOVED it when Lisbeth transformed from a super punk to uber rich bitch to steal $3 Billion from Wennerstrom. FIERCE!!!!!

But the most touching scene in the movie was when Lisbeth, aka Rooney Mara, sees Mikael on Christmas back with Erika Berger. TEAR. So heartbreaking.

GO WATCH IT PEOPLE!!!!! I want to see the SECOND and THIRD US versions as well.

And then we went shopping….

Excuse my hairy arm:/

It’s a ROLEX Oyster Perpetual Datejust.

The bezel is White Gold and the circumference of the face is the biggest they have.

$8500 US.

I couldn’t take it off.

I needed a l’il gift for my besty cuz I’m the worst gift giver. It’s the timing that I have to work on. This is for Xmas, kinda.

Hope my friend likes the color, it’s called Vendetta.

And that was my day out:)

Night peeps.



It’s June 21st and I turn 23 today.

I’m not gonna have a party, or dinner, or any event for that matter. And that’s how I want it.

I can have a party, but I don’t really want to. I have friends and family that love me and that’s all I need. I don’t really deal with attention all that well. So a party would be hell for me.

So cheers to another year lived and a beautiful future hopefully filled with loved ones, LOVE, good food, fashion, tons of laughs, a successful career in fashion and a life that eventually will be lived to its fullest:)

All I really want today is for it to end in a food fest 😀

Kinda sorta like this…

 I’m didn’t name myself FashionFatty for nothing 😀

Foody #2

I ate out a lot this past week but these two were really good, fulfilling, unhook the button off your jeans-good meals. And both eaten with my besty Ash. She’s like my partner in crime when it comes to really good food. Expect to see her soon on my blog. Good food and company can never go wrong.

1.) Shrimp and Kalbi @ Shrimp & Bbq, Keaaumoku St., Hon., HI

Everything was made fresh, so all the hot foods were hot and the salads were crisp and fresh-tasting. There was even succulent baby shrimp in the fried rice. Only $8.


2.) Korean-style BBQ Chicken & Kalbi @ Chodang Restaurant, Hon., HI

I love this restaurant. The food is so good. But then I haven’t been to a Korean Restaurant I didn’t like. The soon-du-bu or hot and spicy tofu stew (the red soup in the black stone bowl)  is just crazy good. And it comes boiling and sputtering to your table, who can deny a sizzling dish? My friend and I ordered our own each but one can serve 3 people easy. The bbq was just perfectly charred and juicy. The extra little platters with pickled veggies, and veggies soaked in various spices is just an added plus. My friend had meat-jun, or beef or pork flattened and dipped in egg batter. The bill was only $30 in all, pretty reasonable for all that food.

We were full after each meal, on separate days, but we still went shopping:)

Shopping post coming soon…

Foody #1

I just realized even though the blog is named FashionFatty, there isn’t much food featured here, which I would find disappointing if I was a visitor and came upon the site by chance via Google.

So here’s my first post with food…

Dimsum is a ritual for my besty and I. It’s either consumed before a movie or a day of shopping. It’s substantial (if you order a fair amount of steamers) enough to be full, but light enough to be able to walk after gorging oneself on these little bits of Heaven.

These are even good if you can’t finish what you ordered. You can take them home, pop them into the microwave for 30 seconds on high, and you have a late night snack.