PHRE$HCRU Tribute Tee

This is my newest purchase. $35 plus $8 in shipping is pretty good for what it is.

So happy right now:)))

I’ve wanted a YSL tee for forever. This is just as good. The real thing is like 500 bucks and the sizes are too small for me.

Go HERE to buy your own tee.


Shopaholics Anonymous #2

“Hi, I’m Eddie and it’s been 9 months since I last went on a shopping binge like the one I just had.”

No, seriously though, I haven’t had much time to really shop lately due to lack of funds and time to really SHOP shop. You can’t find good stuff when you’re in a rush. Absolute Truth, ask any experienced shopper.

I think I’ve become better at shopping, with the help of my besty Ash. She even helped me find some of the things on this list.

My loot is part mall, part online shopping, and part thrift store. And I don’t regret buying anything! That’s the first time I can say that. I’ve always had to return online stuff, luckily this time I don’t have to. A little bit more about that in a bit.

So here we go…..It’s a lot. I’m not a shopaholic for nothing.

In chronological order:

———- Wednesday, June 8, 2011 ———-

 1) Karmaloop Order

The Notorious Kate Tee in Black

Cost: $26 US Dollars

Super comfortable. Totally outrageous but I love Kate Moss. I can never have enough Kate tees.

M. Cohen Gold Rivet Bracelet in Black

Cost: $49 US

I’ve been eyeing these bracelets for the better part of a year so I’m very happy I have one. I first saw it at Nordstrom but they sold out quick. It’s a little bit pricey but it’s M. Cohen! Rihanna and GaGa wear them. It’s kind of difficult to put on but that’s probably due to how tough it’s made. Sure to last for years.

Total cost with shipping: $91.95 US

———- Friday, June 10, 2011 ———-

2) Shopping trip to Ala Moana Shopping Center

My Fendi rubber iPhone case

Cost: approx. $83 US Dollars

I love it. I wish I would’ve gotten blue but black goes with everything.Too bad it catches so much lint. My friends know how much I hate lint. It’s nothing a good wash and a lint roller can’t fix.

 Matte Black Watch from Nordstrom

Cost: $20 US Dollars

I love Nordstrom Men’s cheap accessories. Their watches are so inexpensive and simple I can’t help but check this section out every time I go to the mall. I have way too many black watches.

———- Monday, June 13, 2011 ———-

3) SUPRA Order

SUPRA Thunder Navy Chambray Hi-Top Sneakers

Total Cost: $64 US Dollars

I first saw these on Urban and since they won’t authorize my card, I had to find alternate ways to acquire these babies. Luckily, SUPRA has an amazing online shop that exempts shipping costs. If they didn’t, the shipping would have cost me $35.54 US. Yay!

4) ASOS Order

YOUR EYES LIE Cross T-shirt – White

Cost: $51.72 US

YOUR EYES LIE is an amazing clothing brand that I discovered on Asos. The little card that comes with every tee says “Sweat Shop Free.” I’ll take their word for it. The price tag totally supports that fact. One of my more expensive tees, it’s super comfortable and totally SICK in the graphics department. As with most expensivo tees, their sizes run small. Notice the XXL size. It’s more like a Large. Luckily, I’m an XL in American sizing. A little stretching and it’s a perfect fit.

YOUR EYES LIE Floral Skull T-shirt – White

Cost: $51.72 US

When I saw the Cross tee I had to see what else YOUR EYES LIE had to offer and I wasn’t disappointed. I love skulls on tees, even did a class project on it, and I had to have this unique interpretation of a skull. If you look closely, there’s ladybugs and caterpillars crawling on the pretty flowers. I can’t wait to wear it out! Weirdly enough, this tee fit perfectly.

ASOS Robot pendant necklace

Cost: $13.75 US

I’ve been eyeing this for ages. Perfect with a plain tee.

ASOS Multi-Cross necklace

Cost: $13.79 US

This is also perfect with a plain tee.

Hell yeah to FREE SHIPPING!!!

Grand Total: $131.02 US

4) eBay Order

9mm Matte Black Onyx Shamballa Bracelet

Cost: $13.99 US

I’ve been wanting one forever! Thank goodness, I didn’t have to pay an arm and a leg for it. And it’s unique compared to other Shamballa bracelets.

———- Wednesday, June 22, 2011 ———-

5) Thrift Store #1

Cost: $3.99

Super cheap for a Dior sweater. I’m not sure if it’s authentic but it looks like it. I can’t wear it cuz it’s a small but I HAD to have it.

Cost: $3.99

I LOVE this “ugly sweater.” It brings to mind Givenchy textiles and vintage Versace. I needed this so bad. I’m totally into patterns right now.

Cost: $9.99 US

You wouldn’t believe the happy squeal that came out of my mouth when I spotted this beauty. I’ve always wanted a jean jacket and I found one that didn’t break the bank. Most cost about $100 US. I wanted to cut the sleeves off but maybe I’ll just fold them up. I need to find another one so I can do that!

Cost: $5.99 US

My friend Ash found this for me and I love her for it. It looks faded but it’s super new and black as night. The photo treatment is to show the details. The vertical lines from the shoulders to the kangaroo pouch. It’s super comfortable and the sleeves are perfect if you want to scrunch them up. Definitely one of my favorite garments.

Cost: $7.99 US

This Izod Cardi is brand new, with tags! It says it’s a Medium but fits like it’s XL. Good for me, bad for the original owner. Trying to figure out what I’ll wear it with. Another item my friend picked out after I was over sifting through the wracks.

Total: approx. $40 US

———- Monday, June 27, 2011 ———-

6) Thrift Store #2

Cost: $4.99 US

I finally have a lumberjack flannel. I can totally HIPSTER out and wear fake eyeglasses now. Just kidding. Now that that particular trend is on the outs, I’m thinking I just might pull it off.

I finally realized how much I spent and it’s not pretty.

But like I always say “YOU. ONLY. LIVE. ONCE.”

So the GRAND TOTAL is…….

Approx. $435 US Dollars!

Not bad for what I got for it but DAMN…I didn’t realize I spent that much but I’m still happy with what I got. That total doesn’t even include the food I bought on those outings either and other assorted items.

And that’s why I know I’m a Shopaholic. Do I get a coin now?

I’m counting this past month as a Birthday month, so it kinda doesn’t count. Whatever I tell myself to feel better right?

Hope you enjoyed that. Til next time:)

My New Fendi iPhone Case

I got it last Friday but as I got home late I couldn’t do a post about it right away.

And I got lazy so…

Finally here it is!

I think the little shopping bag is so cute. It’s very sturdy with its button-clasps and metal hardware. And the American mustard yellow color just screams  “LOOK AT ME!” at the mall:) I mean, that’s the perk of shopping at designer boutiques. The salesman that helped me and my friend at the Fendi Boutique in Ala Moana Center was super nice too.

It even came with its own little box and printed pouch…

Would it be tacky if I kept the tag, kinda like a charm?

Cute ain’t it?

It costs $83 US Dollars and some change. I think it’s very affordable for the brand.

I first saw it about a month ago but I waited to see if I still wanted it if I waited. Then I went shopping last Friday and I just HAD to have it. I’m so happy with it. I think it’s worth every cent.

You can’t see it in the picture above, but in between the FF symbols, it says “FENDI” sporadically. Just so anyone asks if it’s really Fendi;)

Crooks & Castles

I was so happy that Crooks & Castles made this shoe. Desert boots are definitely in, but I wasn’t sure if I could pull these off until I saw this hybrid. It’s still a boot but also a sneaker. I’m only 22, I can still rock a legit desert boot with a classic sole later on in life, probably from Clarks.

Don’t even get me started on Clarks boots.

I was so on it this morning. I woke up early because I knew it was coming in today. So right when I heard the UPS truck turn into my street, I ran out of my house and was at the gate to accept the package.

Here’s a funny thing when I looked online to see what the Tracking page said about the “LOCATION” of the shipment:

I guess I am said “MAN.” Kinda funny:) No?

So, what did I buy? Click more to find out!



I love everything about these shoes. Even the price, which was marked down from $110 to just $80, at

I first saw these in stores but I didn’t have the cash and they didn’t have my size so I looked online and found these. Move fast guys, these are bound to be sold out quick.

These are the more expensive version:

YSL Desert Boot – Beige

Cost: US$537.20 plus shipping

I definitely scored a good bargain.

And did I mention Crooks & Castles has a similar version. Oh yes they do!

Guess who’s getting these neeeexxxt? Hahaah!

Is it sad that shoes almost fulfill me as much as food? Like, I don’t even feel I have to eat dinner now. I need to lose weight anyway. I didn’t name this blog “FashionFatty” for nothing:)


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By Google definitions, ” Listless : Lacking in zest or vitality,” as in “He was listless and bored.”

Listless. That’s exactly how I’ve been feeling the past week. I don’t know why I get like this. It’s like asking why the sky is blue, it just is. I’ve also been distracted. I  can’t for the life of me pinpoint where in my life is causing this feeling that I can’t shake. But it’s part of the reason why I haven’t posted in a few days. It’s not school, or my personal life, or my mental well-being. As far as I know, all those areas of my life are relatively fine and good.

Here’s my other reasons for not posting…

1. Thrist No. 3 by Christopher Pike

Just finished it yesterday. I just recently realized Christopher Pike was the first to actually peak my interest in vampires. I remember borrowing my cousin’s library copy of one of the many in this series about the vampire Sita, when I was just in elementary school in the mid-90s. Whoa.

2. Tracking Online Order from Karmaloop

I can’t wait! It’s scheduled to be delivered later on today so I hope I’m awake to recieve it. I’ll post about it later:)


More posts coming soon, just need to get my mind in order. AH!

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Shopaholics Anonymous #1

“Hi, I’m Eddie and I’m a shopaholic.”

My habit of shopping til I dropped started in Middle School when my parents started giving me hundred dollar bills as my allowance. I just couldn’t get enough clothes, shoes, flip-flops, bags, etc. I still don’t have enough. I just want more. It’s horrible and I know it. Ha!

Then I discovered my mom’s debit card and I’ve never looked back….

But like my best-friend Ash says, “You only live once.” And I wholeheartedly agree 100%.

It doesn’t mean I can’t be thrifty and find good stuff for “less,” not cheap.

So here are my recent purchases:

1) Urban Outfitters Order

$44. buy here

I love this sweater. It fits perfectly. I can’t wait to wear it.

$19.99. buy here

I bought a henley version of the sweater above but it was tight so I gave it away.

$24. buy here

I love the color of this tee. It’s great because I usually wear black and it’s a good alternative. Switch it up a little.

$14. buy here

I’m thinking of returning this because the cord is so hard to tighten once you have it on. You need help putting this on your wrist.

2) ASOS order

$50, now $26. buy here

I bought this cardigan at full price, they just changed it, like as I’m typing this, to $26. GAHHH! That’s online shopping for you. Love the animal print. It’s a cheaper version of this sweater that I wanted but they didn’t have my size.

$10.11 buy here

This ring is such a good find. It has some heft to it, it doesn’t feel like I only spent 10 bucks.

Out-n-About Shopping:

$20 @ Nordstrom Honolulu

$20 each at some random store


Total: Approx. @ USD $222.00 plus shipping

I bought tons of other stuff but I’m returning them so they don’t count. Haha!

That wasn’t so bad for all that stuff. Now I gotta save for Christmas;)

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Plaid is so over

“Plaid is so over.”

That’s what I think of when I think of plaid. Over-worn, over-done, just plain OVER. You know how you look at Pacsun or some other middle America clothing store and you see plaid everywhere and in every color. It makes me cringe when I see a group of people at the mall and they’re all wearing plaid. It became the new graphic tee. Don’t even get me started on Ed Hardy or Affliction tees. UGH.

But I can’t help but like this new reincarnation of the plaid shirt.

If it’s not obvious to you already. The shoulders and elbow patches are what’s new about this shirt. It refreshes a burnt out trend. And it’s priced pretty cheap.

What do you think?

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