Frankie Morello Fall/Winter 2012-2013 Collection

Don’t really know much about Frankie Morello other than he casts the hottest male models out there and is based in Milan. But I loved his collection of menswear this Fall. I especially loved the the studded jackets, laptop cases, and shoes, which were also studded.

The show was divided between a sleek city-boy look that was polished but edgy, and a rich nomad that had vague influences of American Indian and Indian culture. I was more interested in the city look, which explains the lack of the other looks.

Here are my favorites from the collection:

I love the styling of the slouchy tee over the shirt. Wish I could find more tees like that.

If I can’t find the studded shoes above, these heavier looking ones would do.

All photos above are from Homotography

The photo above is the only look I liked from the rich nomad portion of the collection. I though it was a successful look that I haven’t seen before. And I loved the slouchy gauzy shirt peeking out from under and the rusty red pants are perfect.

Here are some detail shots:

All detail photos from NY Mag

Can’t wait to see the pieces in online stores!

They’re prices are pretty reasonable. Especially the shoes!


Andrej’s Story

This video is like a mini documentary of Andrej Pejic’s life.

Watch It:

From his beginning in Bosnia, escape to Serbia, and teen years in Australia. To now, his life as a top model and unknown future.

I’m touched by how supportive his family is, despite the fact. It’s refreshing to see such positivity and love within a family.

His mom is too cute. She obviously loves her son.

And I like how Jean Paul Gaultier just adores him.

I LIVED for that chevron fur in the Jean Paul Gaultier show and then having to take pictures with those HOT male models. TDF! So jealous.

GO Andrej!

Andrej in Granny Chic

Our favorite Femi-man model Andrej Pejic did an interview back in March with fashion veteran Hilary Alexander, my fave fashion correspondent.

It’s no surprise she showed such compassion and kindness to our Andrej. I mean, she has seen it all so the shock value is only due to how pretty Andrej is

In the video, he is nothing but charming and polite. I love how he carries himself. Very relaxed and confident, with a bit of posh;)

Watch the video:

I really hope he gets more opportunities before and while modeling. I would DIE if I saw him on TV or a movie. Can you imagine?

Or dare I say it?

On Victoria’s Secret Runway show, he would sparkle as an  angel. I would just keel over, in the best way;)

BOYS Boys boys

Life is full of beautiful things.

And I just can’t resist a cute face. This video is too adorable.


Featuring Vladimir Ivanov, Leebo Freeman, Sebastien Sauve, Jacob Coupe, Francisco Lachowski, Arthur Sales, and many more cute faces:)