ZOMBIE (boy)

He’s known as Zombie Boy, albeit reluctantly.

“Zombie” was his name as an artist, “Zombie Boy” was coined by some journalist.

Meet Rick Genest aka Rico…

He’s tattooed over 80% of his body, the rest he calls a “work in progress.” I’m curious as to which parts those are;)

He’s appeared on two Mugler shows, Mugler ads, walked alongside Supermodel Jessica Stam, starred in a Lady GaGa music video, and a film with Keanu, some scenes even with the actor.

Like most people I thought his tattoos was paint at first. I mean, can you imagine the amount of pain he’s gone through? All for the sake of his art.

That deserves some respect. I think he’s beautiful.

I LIVE for Jessica Stam. She ain’t fazed by him. She’s a true Supermodel.

These ads for Mugler are sooooo BEYOND.

I think this is the best part of the ‘Born This Way’ video. Lady GaGa met her soulmate.

I’m so into Mugler right now. I want everything from Nicola for Mugler!

I thought Nicola Formichetti was only styling Mugler. I couldn’t believe he was the new Creative Director! AMAZE-BALLS!

Here’s a picture for a shoot he did for East Village Boys, my new favorite blog:

I’m loving this look. From the turtle neck, to the studded jeans, to the thick soled boots. I want it ALL! All by Mugler, of course.

Photography by Mattieu Bredon-Huger

Styled by Lucile Puton

There’s an interview asking about his origins, his career, his art, his instant fame, his relationship with Nicola, and what you can expect from him in the future. Typical interview stuff:)

He’s my newest obsession.

Go here to read it. Pretty interesting stuff.

I’m all for embracing each others’ differences and unique-ness.

Stay educated, people! Ignorance is death.


Polariod Girl aka Kate Moss Tee

Kate Moss is fucking Ah-May-Zing!

Now that we got that out of the way, I don’t have to explain why I’m so desperate to buy this tee from hipster capital aka Urban Outfitters.

Polaroid Girl by Deter Tee. Image from UO.

At first, I thought, ‘No, it can’t be her.” But then I took a closer look…

IF THAT ISN’T KATE MOSS shoot me in the face right now.

I’m kidding but I think it’s her. So I want it. And it’s only $24. Plus shipping it’s $34 total minus Tax (UO orders to Hawaii are Tax-Free), still cheaper than other tees I’ve bought that have her visage.

Unfortunately, my card isn’t getting authorized by UO. It’s not from lack of funds. I’ve called too but it still didn’t work. Customer service doesn’t know why either. Therefore, no Kate Moss for me. Alas, I’m getting help from my friend so I should be getting it sometime soon.

BTW, this tee is also available on the Deter Clothing online store, black comes in Small to Large and white from Small to XL. Too bad they’re shipping sucks. It’s $28 for the tee by itself on their site, plus $20 in shipping alone to Hawaii. Plus Tax, it comes out to over $50 from ONE tee.

Way too much. So until I can get a friend to buy it for me, no Kate:(

Goodbye Monsieur Decarnin

Like many things as of late, I was shocked to find out, months after the fact, that Christophe Decarnin was let go/left Balmain.

Now, as much as I love Fashion, I don’t follow fashion news religiously like some other bigger and better bloggers. It’s not that I don’t care, it’s more that I don’t pay much attention to news in general. It’s a generational thing. And most news is about the horrible things happening in the world anyway, I tend to not, dwell on those kinds of things.

It’s the same thing with me for the many seasons, pre-collections, resort, one-off, and collaborations within the fashion world. I don’t like watching shows seconds after they show half-way across the world. I like to wait and see which collections stand out, which are selected for magazine spreads, which garments are celebs wearing on the red carpet.

So I totally missed the buzz in March during Paris Fashion Week when Decarnin didn’t make his bow after showing his latest collection for Balmain. There were rumors of drug abuse and late nights out, exhaustion, mental illness, and even not wanting to be there at the show. In the end, the general consensus seems to be that the designer has chosen to “leave” Balmain after only five years at the helm of one of fashion’s most celebrated brands. His first collection for the brand was in 2007, much more subdued than his following collections for the brand. I mean, HE single-handedly brought HUGE statement-making shoulders into fashion again. One of the hottest things in fashion since his Spring 2009 Ready-To-Wear collection, featuring over-the-top Military jackets and ripped tie-dye motorcycle jeans paired with Swarovski crystal and spike heels. Immediately becoming a hit with Fashion editors and fans everywhere. But also very unattainable due to extravagant prices reaching over $10,oooUS for a dress and $2,000US for holey tees. And dare I say it’s not even Couture but RTW, at those prices!

But it still doesn’t stop us from hoping and dreaming:)

More about his departure from this article.


FALL 2009 RTW – FALL 2011 RTW

Another one bites the dust.

Now let’s take some time to appreciate some of his highly coveted pieces…

These shoes were seen everywhere from Lady GaGa’s Paparazzi music video to reality stars like Audrina Patridge.

This gilded and brocade collection wasn’t as well received as his others, but I do love the gold and romantic feel to the clothes.

Jennifer Connelly  has some of the biggest BALLS when it comes to wearing Head-to-Toe looks straight from the Runway. And being able to pull it off. Sorry SJP:(

I’ve seen copycats of these Balmain Homme sweats everywhere!

RIP Michael Jackson

The late King of Pop was said to have been Christophe Decarnin’s biggest inspiration when designing his collections for Balmain.

No one can wear Balmain like the Great Kate.

Ke$ha wished she could look as FIERCE as this.

I want the jacket and that BELT!

Emmanuelle Alt, new Editor-in-Chief of French Vogue, wears Balmain like GAP. A piece worn for everyday of the week.

I’ll always remember Gwyneth Paltrow like this. It blew my mind how simple and chic she looked. Top to bottom, it’s a perfect look. I was surprised the lace dress underneath was Balmain. Then I think of Decarnin’s earlier 2007 collection, which was softer.

I love the look above. The blazer is perfection. And so is the styling.


My heart is breaking for all the unborn collections Decarnin would have given birth to were he to have continued on at Balmain, like Karl at Chanel. Oh how I hate the reality of public trading!

Crossing my fingers and toes I’ll be able to buy vintage Balmain Homme pieces in the future when I’m dirty rich and skinny enough to fit into those jeans without looking a fat sausage. Hey, I’m talking to you BEYONCÉ.

I’m dying to know who they’ll appoint for the head position. Maybe a duo like at Valentino,  someone already behind-the-scenes at Balmain, which is said to be highly likely.

Til next time:)

Kate Moss Stencil

Had to make a stencil for school and my choice was immediately obvious to me.

Check her out:

I’m so surprised with how it turned out. Took me hours to choose which Kate photo to use. Not to mention, the two hours it took my slow as hell PC and printer to print out the images. So I’m a very proud mama. Now I have to paint this on a beige felt piece. No idea what color paint to use on beige to make it pop. Look for a post on the final product. Crossing my fingers it turns out great.

On another note, I’ve totally neglected this blog for months. Literally had no idea what to post. I don’t wanna be like the thousands of beginner bloggers that abandon their blogs after the first two weeks. I want some longevity. Plenty of blog posts to come. Promise.