Kate Moss for Supreme Spring/Summer 2012

I’m sure you’ve all seen the hype already. Kate Moss. Supreme. Yada yada yada.

I’m usually late on all the trending topics…TRENDING…ugh…I hate hipsters…Anyways, this was one topic that has a special place in my heart.

Kate Moss on a t-shirt.

I DIED when I heard this was coming out. Being in Hawaii, I was afraid I would never see the tee itself in the flesh. Even the thought of bidding for one on eBay induced cold sweats late at night while I scoured the internet for clues on when it would be released. I already have THREE tees of her in a multitude of her infamous paparazzi or editorial shots. So I just thought this would make a nice addition to my collection.

Lo and behold, I see a couple of them, in black, grey, and white, on eBay. WAAAAay before the Supreme website even said they were available! So I had no choice but to buy one.

I HAD TO HAVE IT! Thank gawd, for the BUY IT NOW option on eBay.

For the small, itty, bitty price of $ 146 US.

So you can only imagine the girly shout and subsequent dramatic gasps that ensued when I got this in the mail today…

So happy right now. I can’t wait to wear it. Calculating impact of wearability on which day as I type. Get it?

That’s all.


Givenchy Pre-Fall 2012 Lookbook

It’s no secret that I’m crazy for Givenchy (who isn’t?) and this collection is just another reason why Givenchy is becoming the most-watched house out there by men and women alike.

It features the same design elements of previous collections like the shark-tooth lanyards from the women’s line, marine-inspired elements, tons of leather, cut-outs, men’s earrings, the ever-present sandals, street-wear, the infamous rottweiler, stars, and the color green. The blue is also a nice touch, a color which I haven’t seen at Givenchy before.

I love that they used Simone Nobili. The lookbook also features Willy Cartier but I thought he looked a bit awkward in the looks. While Simone was perfectly suited to the urban backdrop and masculine styling.

I know it’s been covered by everyone and their mother but this is my take on it.

Here are my favorites:

I’ll either get the sweater or the t-shirt version, depending on price and availability.

I love the cut-outs in this sweater.

This army jacket is MAJOR. I love the pure-white fur hood.

Okay, one Givenchy post done. Two more to go.

Good job, Riccardo.

Givenchy Rottweiler Tee

Yes, it’s basically SOLD OUT everywhere.

Unless, you don’t count shady eBay dealings.

This baby retailed for $265 US on SSENSE.

Sadly, I found out a little too late about this FIERCE tee. And it’s driving me crazy. I mean, that’s not bad for a designer tee. YSL goes for almost $500. Balmain goes for thousands. But I’ll deal.

Luckily, I found a more economical version. A knock-off, rip-off, fake, or whatever. It’s my salvation because I really wanted the Givenchy version but I can’t pay that pretty price-tag on eBay at the moment.

So Rook’s Rott Father Tee became my new best-friend.

Retail Price: $24 plus shipping

Way cheaper than Givenchy, it’s a good alternative if you’re dyeing for that vicious dog tee that every fashionisto is clamoring to own.

I can’t wait for it to arrive:)


On another note, I haven’t blogged as much lately due to school keeping me busy and highly stressed out and very broke.

Tailoring class has me making my very own tuxedo style jacket. A tux jacket that’s 100% black wool, fully lined, silk lapels and all that jazz. Very difficult to make.  Over 30 pieces to cut. Making a muslin, altering patterns, fittings, buying $30 per yard wool ( I needed 6 yards = $200), and pre-shrinking have worn me out. About to cut my final wool fabric and start constructing the jacket itself will keep me in a frenzy for the next two weeks. It’s due on October 4th, so I’m strapped for time.

This is my inspiration.

Wish me luck.

Shopaholics Anonymous #2

“Hi, I’m Eddie and it’s been 9 months since I last went on a shopping binge like the one I just had.”

No, seriously though, I haven’t had much time to really shop lately due to lack of funds and time to really SHOP shop. You can’t find good stuff when you’re in a rush. Absolute Truth, ask any experienced shopper.

I think I’ve become better at shopping, with the help of my besty Ash. She even helped me find some of the things on this list.

My loot is part mall, part online shopping, and part thrift store. And I don’t regret buying anything! That’s the first time I can say that. I’ve always had to return online stuff, luckily this time I don’t have to. A little bit more about that in a bit.

So here we go…..It’s a lot. I’m not a shopaholic for nothing.

In chronological order:

———- Wednesday, June 8, 2011 ———-

 1) Karmaloop Order

The Notorious Kate Tee in Black

Cost: $26 US Dollars

Super comfortable. Totally outrageous but I love Kate Moss. I can never have enough Kate tees.

M. Cohen Gold Rivet Bracelet in Black

Cost: $49 US

I’ve been eyeing these bracelets for the better part of a year so I’m very happy I have one. I first saw it at Nordstrom but they sold out quick. It’s a little bit pricey but it’s M. Cohen! Rihanna and GaGa wear them. It’s kind of difficult to put on but that’s probably due to how tough it’s made. Sure to last for years.

Total cost with shipping: $91.95 US

———- Friday, June 10, 2011 ———-

2) Shopping trip to Ala Moana Shopping Center

My Fendi rubber iPhone case

Cost: approx. $83 US Dollars

I love it. I wish I would’ve gotten blue but black goes with everything.Too bad it catches so much lint. My friends know how much I hate lint. It’s nothing a good wash and a lint roller can’t fix.

 Matte Black Watch from Nordstrom

Cost: $20 US Dollars

I love Nordstrom Men’s cheap accessories. Their watches are so inexpensive and simple I can’t help but check this section out every time I go to the mall. I have way too many black watches.

———- Monday, June 13, 2011 ———-

3) SUPRA Order

SUPRA Thunder Navy Chambray Hi-Top Sneakers

Total Cost: $64 US Dollars

I first saw these on Urban Outfitters.com and since they won’t authorize my card, I had to find alternate ways to acquire these babies. Luckily, SUPRA has an amazing online shop that exempts shipping costs. If they didn’t, the shipping would have cost me $35.54 US. Yay!

4) ASOS Order

YOUR EYES LIE Cross T-shirt – White

Cost: $51.72 US

YOUR EYES LIE is an amazing clothing brand that I discovered on Asos. The little card that comes with every tee says “Sweat Shop Free.” I’ll take their word for it. The price tag totally supports that fact. One of my more expensive tees, it’s super comfortable and totally SICK in the graphics department. As with most expensivo tees, their sizes run small. Notice the XXL size. It’s more like a Large. Luckily, I’m an XL in American sizing. A little stretching and it’s a perfect fit.

YOUR EYES LIE Floral Skull T-shirt – White

Cost: $51.72 US

When I saw the Cross tee I had to see what else YOUR EYES LIE had to offer and I wasn’t disappointed. I love skulls on tees, even did a class project on it, and I had to have this unique interpretation of a skull. If you look closely, there’s ladybugs and caterpillars crawling on the pretty flowers. I can’t wait to wear it out! Weirdly enough, this tee fit perfectly.

ASOS Robot pendant necklace

Cost: $13.75 US

I’ve been eyeing this for ages. Perfect with a plain tee.

ASOS Multi-Cross necklace

Cost: $13.79 US

This is also perfect with a plain tee.

Hell yeah to FREE SHIPPING!!!

Grand Total: $131.02 US

4) eBay Order

9mm Matte Black Onyx Shamballa Bracelet

Cost: $13.99 US

I’ve been wanting one forever! Thank goodness, I didn’t have to pay an arm and a leg for it. And it’s unique compared to other Shamballa bracelets.

———- Wednesday, June 22, 2011 ———-

5) Thrift Store #1

Cost: $3.99

Super cheap for a Dior sweater. I’m not sure if it’s authentic but it looks like it. I can’t wear it cuz it’s a small but I HAD to have it.

Cost: $3.99

I LOVE this “ugly sweater.” It brings to mind Givenchy textiles and vintage Versace. I needed this so bad. I’m totally into patterns right now.

Cost: $9.99 US

You wouldn’t believe the happy squeal that came out of my mouth when I spotted this beauty. I’ve always wanted a jean jacket and I found one that didn’t break the bank. Most cost about $100 US. I wanted to cut the sleeves off but maybe I’ll just fold them up. I need to find another one so I can do that!

Cost: $5.99 US

My friend Ash found this for me and I love her for it. It looks faded but it’s super new and black as night. The photo treatment is to show the details. The vertical lines from the shoulders to the kangaroo pouch. It’s super comfortable and the sleeves are perfect if you want to scrunch them up. Definitely one of my favorite garments.

Cost: $7.99 US

This Izod Cardi is brand new, with tags! It says it’s a Medium but fits like it’s XL. Good for me, bad for the original owner. Trying to figure out what I’ll wear it with. Another item my friend picked out after I was over sifting through the wracks.

Total: approx. $40 US

———- Monday, June 27, 2011 ———-

6) Thrift Store #2

Cost: $4.99 US

I finally have a lumberjack flannel. I can totally HIPSTER out and wear fake eyeglasses now. Just kidding. Now that that particular trend is on the outs, I’m thinking I just might pull it off.

I finally realized how much I spent and it’s not pretty.

But like I always say “YOU. ONLY. LIVE. ONCE.”

So the GRAND TOTAL is…….

Approx. $435 US Dollars!

Not bad for what I got for it but DAMN…I didn’t realize I spent that much but I’m still happy with what I got. That total doesn’t even include the food I bought on those outings either and other assorted items.

And that’s why I know I’m a Shopaholic. Do I get a coin now?

I’m counting this past month as a Birthday month, so it kinda doesn’t count. Whatever I tell myself to feel better right?

Hope you enjoyed that. Til next time:)

Polariod Girl aka Kate Moss Tee

Kate Moss is fucking Ah-May-Zing!

Now that we got that out of the way, I don’t have to explain why I’m so desperate to buy this tee from hipster capital aka Urban Outfitters.

Polaroid Girl by Deter Tee. Image from UO.

At first, I thought, ‘No, it can’t be her.” But then I took a closer look…

IF THAT ISN’T KATE MOSS shoot me in the face right now.

I’m kidding but I think it’s her. So I want it. And it’s only $24. Plus shipping it’s $34 total minus Tax (UO orders to Hawaii are Tax-Free), still cheaper than other tees I’ve bought that have her visage.

Unfortunately, my card isn’t getting authorized by UO. It’s not from lack of funds. I’ve called too but it still didn’t work. Customer service doesn’t know why either. Therefore, no Kate Moss for me. Alas, I’m getting help from my friend so I should be getting it sometime soon.

BTW, this tee is also available on the Deter Clothing online store, black comes in Small to Large and white from Small to XL. Too bad they’re shipping sucks. It’s $28 for the tee by itself on their site, plus $20 in shipping alone to Hawaii. Plus Tax, it comes out to over $50 from ONE tee.

Way too much. So until I can get a friend to buy it for me, no Kate:(