Merry Christmas 2011

MERRY CHRISTMAS  WordPress and to my anonymous readers!

May all of you receive what your hearts desire:)

I hope I do.

And  please FOLLOW my tumblr page…


It’s all about fashion, models, and generally what I don’t post on this blog.

I do all this for fun but it’s nice when I see that I have new followers and readers:)


Update 12/04/11

To all of my 6 followers,

Sorry for not having updated in so long. School and life has kept me busy and uninspired to post on this little bitty blog of mine.

I’ve also been low on original content. Namely, photos of my own to share. My tumblr  FASHION MARTYRDOM has basically become my vomitorium of Fashion images that I heart, reblog or post on the off chance I’m inspired by some random image. So if you want more frequency, go there if I don’t post here for a while. But then, fashion is just a small part of me so sometimes a new movie, song, youtube video, food or social commentary will pop up HERE now and again.

As I hate repetition, I saw  no point in reposting said tumblr images here.

I’m working on my tailoring jacket still. The lining is killing me (think hand-sewing for hours!). Photos of this are sure to appear here once I’m done:)

I’m kinda obsessed with my site stats and I’m happy to say I’ve reached 31, 699 VIEWS ALL TIME.  God knows how or why. I thank my Zombie Boy (aka Rick Genest) post for being so popular.

I promise new posts are coming soon:)


I’m not very good at making up synopses of stories so I posted the trailer of the movie.

Basically, it features a kid nicknamed “Spork” because of her gender bending qualities. Get it? Anyways, she’s tormented by classmates. Mainly, a group of wanna-be Britneys called the “Biatches” are her worst enemies. With her ghetto fabulous neighbor Tootsie Roll, aptly name after her favorite dance move, Spork enters the annual dance competition at their middle school.

And it was ah-ma-zing. It’s like a mix of Mean Girls, Napoleon Dynamite, and Save The Last Dance with a dose of 80s fashion. Think spandex, side ponytails, and big hair. But it was sooooo much more. Like her random obese Chinese friend, Chunk, who spouts sage quotes when Spunk needs to hear them and kinda steals the spotlight. Her gutsy friend Tootsie Roll is the perfect mentor/protector to the insecure Spork. There are tons of other notable characters in the movie…so go and watch it! It’ll give you that good feeling at the pit of your stomach and a tear to your eye after watching it.

For more info on the movie, go HERE.

Rihanna – We Found Love (Official Video)

First of all, I’m so happy this FINALLY came out. I hate behind-the-scenes videos of music videos BEFORE they come out cuz I hate the anticipation. The shots of Rihanna romping  in rural Ireland, all denim-ed out in the streets of Dublin, then the secrecy of a closed set and rumors of a new romance with the dude in the video.

After all that jazz, I was not disappointed.

See for yourself:

I just LOVVVVVVE the concept and “treatment,” as Rihanna would say, of the video. It’s kind of like what I wish my teenage years were like, all rebellious and beautifully gritty and stylish as an 80s teen punk movie.

The pretend-Irish accent at the beginning was flawless, it made me kind of believe it was real. Then the beautiful projections on the wall in the bedroom were amazing and unexpected and new in its use. The ribbon-vomit was cute, because we all know the real stuff is SO NOT. The bleach blonde Chris Brown look-a-like was either intentional or not but I could care less as he was the perfect sidekick. The dazed and confused aspect was perfect for the song. And the fashion was so fresh and 80s-Now, I loved it.

BTW, did you notice the near boob shot? I can’t believe Youtube hasn’t put a sensor shield on this yet.

Til Next time:)

Burberry Prorsum Spring Summer 2011 Gladiators

I loved Burberry Prorsum’s Spring Summer 2011 Collection. The studdedleather jackets, the motorcycle-pant inspired trousers, the down-to-basics colors, but the showstoppers for me were the GLADIATORS.

Yes, others have come out with their own men’s gladiators before. What made these special?

They were perfect. In my opinion, they were the perfect balance of classic gladiators, masculinity, utility, and fashion. They weren’t girly. I don’t have a problem with ‘girly’ things, but these didn’t make me feel too gay, is what I’m saying. As a homo, I can say there is a thing as being too gay.

Anyway, I thought these were cute on the runway and stored that information in the back of my mind until recently. Fast-forward to now, these babies are SOLD OUT in stores everywhere. Too bad, I want them like CRAZY. I would do anything for a pair that fits perfectly. I want no other gladiators. I won’t settle for anything less. They have a shorter version of these floating around but they just don’t cut it.

They retailed for approx. $700 USD. They probably go for some absurd amount on eBay. Wait, don’t go there on the chance they’re for sale. THEY’RE MINE!!!!!!

I’m kidding;) I checked and some asshole is pricing them for the ‘Buy It Now’ price of $2,450 USD. STUPID. Btw, they’re a size 7 US.

I can only dream of owning these now. This always happens to me. Let’s hope I find a pair or something just as good. If I do, I’ll buy them first and have the honor of telling you guys about it:)

Tell Me I’m Beautiful

I did the Facial Beauty Analysis on the Anaface site and this was what it had to tell me about my face…

Don’t mind my ugly mug;)

Go here to do your own. It’s fairly easy. All you need is a forward facing photo of yourself, like mine, click a few buttons and you’re done.

Since the site doesn’t explain how it calculates scores, I’ll assume it’s based on ideal facial proportions. Kinda like the ideal body proportions. I’ve also heard the more symmetrical your face is, meaning how alike both sides of your face are, determines the attractiveness of the face.

Of course, I don’t take this stuff seriously. Beauty is subjective. I mean, there are legitimately beautiful people out there, but attractiveness is subject to the individual. It’s in the eye of the beholder.

 Now, tell me this model isn’t close to perfect.

Erik Sage


Natalia Kills released her new video for her new single “Free”  featuring yesterday and I am blown…away. Yeah. Done. Shut it down. Decimated.

It couldn’t be any more perfect for the song.

The video is irreverent, gutsy, filled with FASHION, sexy, has lots of eyecandy, and totally KILLed it, concept-wise.

What more can I say….

Watch it here:

There’s so much in the video I want to talk about. I had to screen-capture it to DEATH. I mean, buried six feet under DEAD.

I just couldn’t edit. Every shot was amazing.

See what I mean:

Notice how her nails match her shoes:)

Doesn’t she remind you of a super-modern Audrey Hepburn in this pic?

I live for a censored nipple, smoking jackets, slicked-back hair and smokey eyes. This bitch is FIERCE.

I totally agree. Being content is another thing entirely.

A girl with smokey eyes in a smoking jacket smoking a cigarette. D’accord:)

She’s not tutting, she’s fanning herself:D

Money ain’t a thang.

Totally copying this pose for my FB profile pic.

Anyone thinking what I’m thinking?

I had to. Get it now?

Never settle for okay. I loathe mediocrity.

Those knuckle rings are SICK.

That’s what I always tell people but they give me funny looks:)


Is that top Alexander McQueen? I need fashion credits!!!! It’s killing me.

Hair right, shoes tight

Those shoes are TDF.

Money is Freedom.

I think lipstick on a man is so HOT.

I wear it once, And i don’t pop the tag, The next day I’ma bring it back

Female equivalent of a sock, perhaps?

C’est vrai.

Those infamous shades.

I want those shades!!!!!!!!

It’s a party!

What?! LOL. Oh no she didn’t!

The man that made it all possible. Thanks


You can’t take it with you to the grave:/

I DIE for this bag. It’s so outrageous. I mean, who doesn’t carry a gold gun in their purse?

All of sudden, everyone’s undressing. What?

It’s time to get down and dirty;)

She posed like her life  depended on it in this video.

A little bit of hair never hurt nobody 😀

Objectum Sexuality, anyone?

Come on. If that didn’t shock, wow, make you angry, inspire envy, stoke lust, or anything that made you feel, then you’re not human.

She’s a true artist, in my humble opinion.

Now that was a workout and I need my sleep.

Until next time.