GIVENCHY Spring 2011 Studded Backpack

I LOVE my new backpack!!!!!!!!!

Just got it in the mail today.

I’ve wanted one since the first one came out. But this one is even better. At least I think so.

It was so hard to get one. You couldn’t even bid on one on eBay before a bitch outbid you at the last second. Then I had this lengthy correspondence with a guy who had one but had to jump through all these hoops to get the money to him. Anyways, it was a nightmare.

But then I found this one through eBay but paid full price and sidestepped the bidding war.


So happy right now.

Til next time guys:)



Shorts vs. Pants

That’s the internal struggle that’s been plaguing me for the past week.

I’ve been agonizing over it because I have to make drawstring shorts or pants for school.

I’ve been dying over the Givenchy look since the collection came out. I never wear shorts or tights but it seems not so hard to pull off. The drawstring leather pants from CELINE are to die for. And the drawstring look is perfect for what I have to do in class. The pants are closer to what I have to make. So I’m leaning towards making pants.

I wish I could make both but it’s Industrial Sewing so I have no time to make both. We have a whole checklist of things to do in class. And I have to buy fabric pronto as I need it in 2 days.

Faux Leather vs. Black Satin

That’s my other dilemma. Never worked with leather before and mistakes are bound to happen. Satin is too shiny but the matte reverse is perfect since I can’t find an alternative. And the faux leather is like $15 per yard. Way too expensive for a pair of shorts made in school.

So many decisions, so little time.

I’ll post what I end up making:)

Obsessions #1

Here are my current obsessions that I just can’t get out of my head.

Guess what they are? I’ll give someone a cupcake if they guess them right. I tried to make it really obvious.

I have tons more obsessions but these are the ones that popped into my head.

Photo credit: Google images, Chanel,, Givenchy,, Vanity Fair, Vogue

The World’s First Transsexual Supermodel

Her name is Lea T.

Here she is in the Givenchy’s Fall/ Winter 2010 ad campaign.  She’s the second model from the right with the feather blouse.

This may be old news to Fashion Industry but I just found out about her story recently and I just find her inspiring. More about it here.

It’s a story of isolation, adversity, and perseverance. No matter what anyone thinks of Fashion, this is the kind of thing that inspires change and sheds light on issues that the mainstream won’t even dare touch.

That’s all for now.

But see, it’s not all about things and body bling.

Photo Credit: Givenchy via