Frankie Morello Fall/Winter 2012-2013 Collection

Don’t really know much about Frankie Morello other than he casts the hottest male models out there and is based in Milan. But I loved his collection of menswear this Fall. I especially loved the the studded jackets, laptop cases, and shoes, which were also studded.

The show was divided between a sleek city-boy look that was polished but edgy, and a rich nomad that had vague influences of American Indian and Indian culture. I was more interested in the city look, which explains the lack of the other looks.

Here are my favorites from the collection:

I love the styling of the slouchy tee over the shirt. Wish I could find more tees like that.

If I can’t find the studded shoes above, these heavier looking ones would do.

All photos above are from Homotography

The photo above is the only look I liked from the rich nomad portion of the collection. I though it was a successful look that I haven’t seen before. And I loved the slouchy gauzy shirt peeking out from under and the rusty red pants are perfect.

Here are some detail shots:

All detail photos from NY Mag

Can’t wait to see the pieces in online stores!

They’re prices are pretty reasonable. Especially the shoes!


BOYS Boys boys

Life is full of beautiful things.

And I just can’t resist a cute face. This video is too adorable.


Featuring Vladimir Ivanov, Leebo Freeman, Sebastien Sauve, Jacob Coupe, Francisco Lachowski, Arthur Sales, and many more cute faces:)

FashionTV Interview with Jacob Coupe

First thought: I can’t believe he’s only 19!!!!!! He’s so shy when answering questions. No pretention whatsoever.

I laughed when he said his girlfriend sent a picture him to his agency, and that’s how he got ‘discovered.’ Then I cursed the gods that he had a girlfriend. Then a little bit later, the interviewer asked him something and he revealed that he and his girlfriend broke up but they’re still friends. I CHEERED! YAY! You never know, he might be gay. You can never tell with these guys with their British accents.

Please ignore the Italian interviewer’s voice. I admit it gets irritating after a bit.


Splendor in the Grass…

I know it’s getting a bit much with the Jacob Coupe obsesh, but can you blame me?

I can’t upload the video here because WordPress doesn’t accept html codes but you can watch the short video here.

The video is named HEATH. I guess Jacob is Heath.

It’s a dream come true, but i could do without the girl that plays his love interest!

And it reminds me of the famous old movie.

Nonetheless, it’s very beautiful, innocent, and romantic.

Okay, i gotta go get ready for school!! Bye for now.

Acne Main A/W 2010 Men Lookbook with JACOB COUPE

I don’t own any Acne but I have coveted the gladiator men’s sandles they came out with a few seasons ago.

I was also very pleased to see my favorite male model sporting the looks, and what a good job he did.

Here are some of my fave looks from the latest men’s collection lookbook:

View more looks here.

The skull cap, leather jumper (its very racy and new), jackets, tapered drawstring pants, and boots are also covetable. I just wish a boutique here in Hawaii carried Acne to the extent that I want them to (read: the whole collection).

And let’s not forget the waxed jeans! I’ve been looking for a pair in my size for a while now. Wish me luck!

Photo credit: COUTE QUE COUTE, Acne Studios

Male Model Crush of the Mo: JACOB COUPE


…the name just gives me shivers.

Don’t know much about him, but he sure looks pretty. No, not pretty, but very masculine with a touch of boyish cuteness, and not to forget the fierce pout. Attitude and personality coming out of every pore. And may I add, he even has personal style (see: street-shot with the interesting wide collar-sweater).

BTW, the following first photo is the only time I’ve ever seen him sport even a hint of a smile.

“Its all in the eyes!” LOL!

Do i see a hint of a smile?OMG!

Now, do you see why I’ve taken time out of my precious life to post about this guy?

I have this little fantasy that I go to the UK (I think he’s based there). Walk the streets of London . While walking along the Thames, I see him smoking a fag (that’s what they call ciggys on that side of the pond). I bum a smoke (despite me not being a smoker) and he lights it for me. We get to talking….

And that’s it! There’s more but let’s stop here for the sake of propriety. LOL.

Photo credit: Fashion Rambler blog, MM OBSESSION blog, The Fashionisto, Men Models Talk blog,,